Wollongong is the Best Place to move in Australia

Wollongong is a magnet for ability and organizations. You will before long concur that Wollongong isn’t just probably the best spot to live in Australia, yet in addition a keen business move. We provides the best Apartments for sale Wollongong.

There are numerous reasons why Wollongong has become an incredible spot to increase or move your business. Follow the connections beneath and you will discover a lot of proof to back up each reason.


  • Has a huge, steady, and talented labor force.
  • Is an energetic seaside city and one of Australia’s most livable urban communities.
  • Can furnish you and your staff with an improved balance between serious and fun activities.
  • Has a strong business climate with a lot of systems administration occasions.
  • Is just 1 hour from Sydney and an associated city by its own doing.

Lodging is cheap

As indicated by realestate.com.au, Wollongong is a lovely moderate spot to purchase or lease. With a middle unit cost of $600,000, Wollongong is less expensive than New South Wales’s middle unit cost of $649,990. Leasing is more affordable as well, with the Wollongong middle unit rental cost each week at $420, while New South Whales’ normal is $500.


It’s near the enormous city

Sydney is only a 1.5-hour-drive or train ride away, giving you simple admittance to every one of the sights and hints of the large city. With the country’s biggest city on reserve for road trips galore, you’ll never run out of thoughts for the end of the week.

Wollongong’s Climate

Wollongong Beach Weather

The Gong has a maritime environment with damp subtropical impacts. To the extent climate goes, Wollongong invites a ton of pretty wonderful days as a rule. Be ready for each season with these tips.


January is typically the most blazing month in Wollongong, and February is the wettest. With a high of 28°C and a low of 17°C, summer in The Gong is the ideal chance to exploit the incredible seashores – when it’s anything but raging.

Harvest time

Fall carries temperatures with a high of 24°C and a low of 12°C, making it a lovely gentle, and charming season for the city.



Things can get a little blustery in The Gong from July to August. Winter brings temperatures somewhere in the range of 9°C and 18°C, yet with warm breezes, we propose wearing layers you can take off if it gets too hot.

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