10 Practical and Powerful New Year Decor Resolutions


New Year Decor

Decorating our living space is an integral part of improving our living standards. Whether it is your office, home, or some other place, the space we live and spend time in must be enhanced in every way possible because it certainly influences our physical and mental health. There are a lot of things that can be done, starting with a simple thing: tidying our room. Come this new year, let us make some décor resolutions that are practical and powerful. Let us see Powerful New Year Decor Resolutions.

Coloring the wall

Coloring the wall

The colors of the wall play an important role in maintaining the aesthetics of the place. They also play a subtle role in human psychology. A green wall helps to balance our minds, whereas purple induces creativity. The wall’s coloring can be chosen according to where it must be done. If it is a party hall, it can be painted with light and lustrous colors. One can even use different colors that go together well.

Furniture Utility

Nowadays, there is a lot of furniture available on the market. From malleable cushions to water beds and many other unique types of furniture. Especially for kids, the variety of furniture available in the market is huge. One can choose the furniture according to their taste and the space to accommodate it. If one is unsure which kind of furniture will be suitable, then it is best to observe how the space where the furniture is to be accommodated is being used. Then, you can go for the furniture that suits your needs. If you can’t afford to buy a new one, you can even go for a second-hand purchase, or your relatives might have furniture they don’t need, but it suits your needs perfectly!

Decorating Walls

Decorating Walls
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Another resolution for this new year is to decorate the walls. One can do it according to one’s taste. One can do many things to decorate the walls, like pasting some wallpapers, hanging some art paintings, or even decorating them with some motivating quotes of one’s favorite role models so that every time one looks at them, one can feel motivated for the day.

Artificial Trees

Artificial Trees
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Trees add pleasantness to the atmosphere. Seeing greenery around where we live will aid us in maintaining a peaceful mind and connect us with Mother Nature. Though we might not have trees indoors, we can opt for custom artificial trees just for the look. For example, if it is a hotel, one can have small trees at the reception and large trees in the open verandah. In the verandah area, we can even have original trees and greeneries.



The aroma of the place is very important for any place. It also plays a significant role in human psychology. A lot of incense sticks and room sprays are available in the market. But it’s important to choose the right kind of flavor with the right amount of intensity for the kind of place it is to be used. For example, open space may require an intense aroma, whereas closed rooms need a lighter aroma. This is definitely a good one to add to our resolution for this year.

Flowers & Fruits

Keeping fresh flowers in the living room and other places really does wonders for the atmosphere. Just seeing fresh flowers every day makes one feel refreshed. The gentleness and beauty of the flowers influence the atmosphere, so it is a good idea to keep flowers. One can even let the flowers float in a water pot or stick them into the oasis, which keeps them fresh for a longer duration.

Also, keeping a bowl of fruits at the dining table and other places looks good.

Hanging Photos

Hanging Photos | New Year Decor
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There are a lot of memories in our lives that we want to look back at and cherish, and these happen through the photos taken at that time. The photo is an excellent way to connect with past memories and our loved ones who are not with us now. So it would be a good idea to hang those photos in the bedroom, living room, etc. This helps us to be involved and inspired in this mundane day-to-day life.


New Year Lighting Decor ideas

Whatever decoration we do without the proper lights illuminating them is useless. So, lighting is essential for any place. We can use modern lights like fluorescent and LED lamps. One should also make sure to use natural lighting as much as possible. Any room can have two lights, one for the whole room and one for the table or bed.

Decorating Roofs

Decorating Roofs
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In the corridors and at the entrance of the building one can hang some flower pots on the roof. Indoor roofs can be decorated with hanging antiques like a patterned rug etc. For small rooms, making the color of the ceiling light compared to the color of the wall gives a spacious feel.

Keeping it Tidy

tidy | New Year Decor

No matter what decoration we do or how much good lighting we may provide, it is of less value if the place is not tidy enough. So, keeping the place tidy is a must-resolution this year. One can accommodate and arrange every small thing neatly on the shelves. It also helps people handle things easily and reduces the time spent searching for a particular thing. One has to clean the space at least once a day.

If the place we live is not clean, it affects the space’s aesthetics and people’s health. Therefore, it is important to keep the place tidy.

I hope the above resolutions will help you live in a fantastic atmosphere around you. Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year.

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