slat wall 1

Building a DIY vertical wooden slat wall


This tutorial is going to show you how to build a Vertical Wooden Slat-Wall. A “vertical” wall is when the ...

Wallpaper 1

Can You Use Use A Wallpaper As A Backsplash?


As many homeowners know, choosing the right backsplash for the kitchen is an essential part of the renovation process. In ...

Wallpaper 2

Do-it-Yourself: Steps for Wallpaper Installation


Wallpaper installation is not complicated. Still, it is critical to learn how to hang them or risk redoing the work. ...

Stylize Your Blank And Dull Walls

Supercool Ways To Stylize Your Blank And Dull Walls


It is astonishing how blank could be transformed when almost anything is hung on them. They instantly burst into life, ...

Decorate your walls3

Decorate your walls with wall stickers


Wall stickers are something that goes under appreciated when designing a room. Their versatility comes from the speed in which ...

Accent Wall Ideas

7 Cost-Effective Accent Wall Ideas


Moving into a new home, or looking to revamp your current living space without breaking the bank? There is so ...

Hanging Heavy Mirror

Cool Tips for Successfully Hanging a Heavy Mirror on the Wall


Have you ever tried to hang a heavy mirror on the wall without making big holes in the walls; homeowners ...

7 Tips on Preparing Your Walls for Decorating


Careful and precise preparation is key to getting the best finish when painting and decorating your home or office walls. ...

4 Realistic Textured Wall Murals for Your Home Decor


When you think of wall murals, you might conjure up images of landscapes, cityscapes, or perhaps some kind of vintage ...

Why You Need To Replace Your Wall Ties


Cavity ties are ties that are used to bind the external wall to the internal wall in order to create ...

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