Cool Tips for Successfully Hanging a Heavy Mirror on the Wall


Hanging Heavy Mirror

Have you ever tried to hang a heavy mirror on the wall without making big holes in the walls; homeowners without experience often end up damaging their walls and increasing the load of wall repairs while fixing the big mirrors on their room walls. There are several benefits of learning how to successfully hanging heavy mirror on the room or bathroom wall without damaging the property; especially when mirrors with large frames are hung on a plaster wall, care needs to be taken to avoid damage to the wall. Ultimately the following tips will save you from the amount of damage to the walls and save the cost of repainting the house.

Make your Mirror-Hanging Job Easy

It can be a tricky endeavour to hang a large-sized mirror in a suitable position on your wall. However, following the easy-to-install options and tricks can help homeowners hanging heavy mirror with minimum wall damage. Do you still remember how many mirrors have you broken so far while trying to hang them in the wrong way? The truth is, there will be another broken mirror in your list unless you follow the strategy of avoiding the damage. Decide that you cannot live with a broken mirror after paying so much money for your dream mirror. Let us help you figure out a way to fix them.

Use Monkey Hooks

If you have already determined the type of wall you have (drywall or plaster), then the most important step is to use simple devices such as monkey hooks to hang the mirrors successfully without any harm. Installing a monkey hook is a piece of cake because you do not require any tools or specific methods besides a measuring tape and a pencil. These two essential tools are only required to ensure the proper positioning of the mirror. Your job will lonely be to simply push and twist the device to insert it into the wall. The strategy of using monkey hooks will save you from making wall damage and only a tiny hole will be left behind. You can however even try to remove it later; which is why monkey holes are the best tools which are capable of supporting up to 35 pounds of weight.

Why Getting the Right Tools is Essential?

Hanging a big picture or a mirror is not that simple, it can overwhelm you as an inexperienced home decorator. Therefore, you will need a couple of handy tools to make the endeavour exciting and successful. If you don’t have drill or drill bits, get them with screwdrivers. That will save you from the hassle of elbow grease during the installation process. Moreover, if you have not checked out any studs for heavy mirror installation, a stud sensor is an excellent stud-finding device to get your hands on cheaply. The device is available freely and it is not going to eat your wallet either; go the old-fashioned way to create a big difference in your house with big mirrors.

Of course not to forget that a measuring tape can come in handy in the installation process; get a super helpful level that is not a costly tool again. Plan a visit to the local hardware store and make a list of all the necessary tools that can help you install the large mirrors successfully. Moreover, the technology has a way of providing quick and latest information about the hardware tools; use an app on your smartphone and find out instantly what you lack and need.

Figuring out the required hardware for heavy mirror installation is the most important procedure before the actual installation process. It will help you implement your strategy more brilliantly because a couple of factors come into play when you do the real installation. A lot depends on your house and when it was built; for example, if your house was built in the 20th century around the 1960s, then the house is probably going to be too old for hanging too many heavy objects unless regular maintenance has been done throughout the years. Moreover, older homes usually have lath or plaster walls that are great for reducing noise, but older constructions are more likely to crack during a hefty installation of paintings or mirrors. That is why you need a solid wall base for your heavy mirror.

Weighting the heavy objects is also a vital indispensable task that helps the pre-installation process to determine the right consequences of installing the mirrors. Once you have the right estimate of the home wall’s strength and the typical tools for installation, the rest of the procedure is going to be less daunting.

Determine the Required Height you want to Install the Mirror

You need to determine effectively where on the wall and how high the mirror should be hung to create a lovely impact on the Christmas guests. Make up some top edges with a pencil and use children as helpers; do not lift a heavy mirror all by yourself. Some experts recommend using a wire to hang a big mirror on the walls; it is often a solid option to provide cohesiveness and effectiveness. Measure the height and length of the mirror and also measure its width to hang the wire. You can double this number and add six more inches. Folding the wire in two-half pieces is a good strategy to secure each edge.

The Mirror-Hanging Time has Arrived

By now, you must have made all the necessary plans to acquire the hardware, measured the width and height of your mirror, determined the type and condition of your home walls, and gotten your hands on some of the most essential tools required to proceed forward with the actual installation. Now is the time we can presume that you would have all the pencil marks for where to want to mirror to be installed and got the screwdrivers ready to make the magic happen. We recommend you double-check the hole placement and also check the wire if you intend to use it. Adjust all the pencil marks according to the planned work. The job of mounting the large-sized mirrors is going to be a piece of cake when the hooks and wires are attached perfectly. Make sure that the bottom edges of the mirror do not hit the walls, use small rubber bumpers and add them to the bottom corner. It will not only give you peace of mind but will also reduce your work.

Gorilla Hooks are Just as Useful as Monkey Hooks

Many experts say that gorilla hooks are not much different from the monkey hooks. The only difference is that gorilla hooks have a slightly heavier gauge that allows the hooks t support big mirrors on your walls. Therefore, the installation of gorilla hooks is mostly similar to the monkey hooks You can simply twist and push the device into the wall, just like you did in the previous step. Gorilla hooks are more capable of supporting an even heavier mirror up to 50 pounds. However, gorilla and monkey hooks are sold separately or you can find a combination set of two in the store; the basic purpose of both types of hooks is to add more convenience to your mirror-hanging adventure.

How Mirror Tape Works During Installation

All homeowners normally possess a scotch clear mounting tape which is another convenient way to hang a big mirror on the wall. You can support a ten-pound mirror with a double-sided tape and it is an ideal thing for mounting the mirror successfully without damage. People also use scotch tape for hanging the artwork, glass, and mirrors. The multiple benefits of scotch tape help homeowners eliminate the need for using several tools and make the entire process seamless. Therefore, you will not need to punch a hole into the wall; even if you decide to remove the tape, the tape will not peel off a significant part of your wall paint and keep things clean.

Plastic Wall Anchors and their Use

Since they first started selling in the market, plastic wall anchors have come a long way to benefit homeowners to accomplish decoration tasks. This device is extremely handy and is available in a variety of sizes for handling different weights of mirrors. If you have a hollow wall anchor, then chances are it will create a larger hole. The damage you suffer from will still be less; therefore, get some professional help for tapping the device into the wall. The good news is that most home improvement stores offer the above-mentioned items for just $10.

The Final Thoughts

So the above discussion proves that if you ever want to hang a mirror or a decoration piece that is heavy and has an issue of damaging your wall, you need to know some essential principles of handling the heavy mirrors on your plaster or drywall. The Christmas season is near and families love to invite guests who are fascinated by the big mirror in your bathroom, lounge, or bedroom. However, first, you have to figure out what you have to use as the right tool to place and lift the heavy thing on your precious wall. Therefore, gather your tools, make up a savvy plan and get on with the mirror installation without creating any trouble for the property. Mirrors whether small or large, make a superior addition to your existing decor and boost aesthetics.

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