Creative Ways to Frame and Display Important Photos


Taking photos these days has never been so easy. Most mobile phones are camera-equipped, professional cameras are increasingly affordable, and instant cameras are still a thing.

The trick now is being diligent enough to print out those precious photos to enjoy around the house. It simply is not the same feeling to have a bunch of photos hidden in cyberspace on your personal phone when they can be displayed beautifully across your home and office spaces.

It may feel nice throwing a filter on a photo and uploading it on social media, but what if you can really show off your photos for those around you to see in real life? It doesn’t take much effort to print a photo and throw it in a frame, yet there are so many ways to display those pictures, so don’t limit your creativity!

Some options are simple, some are a little more work-intensive, but all of them will land you with a display of your best memories that you can be proud of. To get you started, here are some creative ways to frame and display your most important photos.

The Photo Calendar

The Photo Calendar

Having a physical calendar in any room is a useful reminder of what you’ve got going on. If you plan to get a calendar anyway, why not print one each year with your most recent or favorite photos?

You can upload your photos directly online in a digital form and have a personalized calendar printed just for you. There are many layout options and ways to size your photos, and the end product will be a pleasant way to reflect on your memories for the days to come!

The Clothesline Design

Twinkling lights are a nice addition to any wall, and these days, they often come with ways to clip on photos. It doesn’t have to be a string of lights either: you can also opt for a piece of twine or wire for hanging your photos on.

Whatever line you choose to use, tiny clips are the perfect tool to hang printed-out photos from. Not only is this a creative way to hang your pictures, but it’s also versatile as the lines can be strung in any pattern and on nearly any surface.

Digital Displays

Digital Displays

If you have a lot of photos, it may be difficult to pick and choose between them. For this reason, there are digital displays you can now get that allow you to upload numerous photos at a time.

The displays then are capable of playing a slideshow of your photos on a lit display. It’s such a useful tool because it is the size of one photo frame, yet it is capable of showing off hundreds of pictures!

Fun Photo Games

Imagine all the cards and games you may have lying around or games you may want to have on your coffee table. Do you know you can actually print your photos directly onto cards? Not only will you have a fun game or set of cards, but you’ll also have a little handheld set of your favorite pictures.

One example of a set you can order is a memory game, a set of cards that feature photos on one side so you can flip each card from a set and make a match!

The Photo Book

The Photo Book.

Photo albums are great ways to sit down and share memories, page after page. Back in the day, you used to peel back plastic and stick your printed photos in with each page, perhaps with a caption.

Nowadays, there’s no need for the extra steps: simply upload photos online and order a seamless, printed, high-quality photo book. This is a great way to create a sleek booklet for holding all your best photos.

Get Creative!

These are just a handful of ways you can creatively display important photos in your house. Of course, there is nothing wrong with the classic photo printed out and put into a beautiful frame. The more personalized you can make your gallery, however, the more personal it will also feel.

There’s also something therapeutic and relaxing about using your skills to put together a display to be proud of, whether it is an assembly you’ve accomplished online or product you shaped with your own hands and affordable craft supplies. Creativity doesn’t have to be expensive!

Regardless of what method you choose for showing off your pictures, from a hanging display to a unique photo book, you have the option to show off your craftiness by adding personal touches. Decorate frames and walls using craft supplies, then enjoy your hard work. Whatever method you choose, you’ll be so glad you took the effort to display your memories!

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