Current Interior Design and Trends of Glass Shower Doors


It’s that time of the year again, summer is gone and winter is coming (no game of thrones pun intended). This is the season of cold lazy mornings, snowed-in days and generally a lot more time spent indoors than before.

It is therefore important to make your indoor environment a thing of beauty that exudes class and comfort. When designing your home for the colder months, the obvious feeling to go for would be the warmer look with brightly colored themes and floral designs. While that is not a bad idea, it is not necessarily your only choice. You can experiment with a wide range of color themes and looks, or just blend two or more looks to get that unique look that more suits your personality.

Think of your interior environment as a canvass, your ideas represent the brush and as you implement these ideas, and incorporate these elements, you are creating a masterpiece. Design is an art, so, a lot of it lies in expressing emotions and conveying feelings through visual appeal.

Make your living environment a work of art with these trending design ideas.

When it comes to design, there are no mistakes or wrong answers, so do not be afraid to try something new, after all trying something new is how masterpieces were created.

During the autumn and winter seasons it’s normal to see nature take a break, the green, and the majestic colorful flowers of the summer slowly begin to fade and give way to a plainer scenery.

The interior of your home need not be so glum.
This season, it would be a good idea to go for richer tones, a touch of dark colors, and you can’t go wrong with the florals. Floral designs tend to bring out the color that the external scenery seems to have lost. It also gives the feeling of warmth and lifts the spirits.

Every aspect of your indoor environment should have a certain visual appeal that represents your personality, from your floors, to your windows, even to the showers, you can express yourself as well with Glass shower doors made to your exact specifications. Yes, you can make every last detail of your home a reflection of yourself or you can make a statement with the overall appeal of your home, the choice is yours.

As you decide on the look to go for this season, here are some ideas to inspire you in your quest for an indoor masterpiece made for you.

Add a touch of your own personality

When designing your home, it usually feels more you when you add a personal touch, it allows you to leave your own mark on the design of your home. Personalizing your space gives a customized feel to your home makes it feel as if the home was designed especially for you as it rightly should. There are lots of DIY interior design trends going mainstream these days and the internet is just littered with resources that can help you in the process. So do not be reluctant to make your home more like an extension of yourself. Give your living space that unique personal feel that makes it yours, expresses your sense of style and class. You can add Glass Shower Enclosures to your bathroom to give it that sparkle that polishes. Glass is always an elegant addition to any setting, and with your Glass Shower Enclosures made to the last detail according to your unique specification, you will feel the beauty even in your bathroom.

Large floral designs

Large floral designs

Flowers are unarguably things of beauty, and with them going out of season in the outdoors, it’s not a bad idea to have them within your home. A floral design will give your home a warmer feeling that offers contrast from the cold and gloom going on outside.

I personally find autumn depressing. There’s something about leaves drying up and falling off trees that makes me feel down. So, a touch of color with floral designs, some real and proper flowers here and there and I can replicate the essence of summer in my own little corner.
You can have large print floral wallpapers on your walls blousy designs on your furniture, or the traditional vase in the corner. With flowers, you can do no wrong, no surprises that florals are trending yet again and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

Get closer to nature

Environmentally-friendly trends are gaining more and more momentum and why shouldn’t they? Everyone loves to feel like they are doing something to make the world a better place and designing your home in an environmentally friendly manner use you that feeling all day.
If you are more environment and nature inclined, applying materials from natural sources like wood, pebbles, granite, marbles, and even man-made materials that just mimic that nature’s feel can go a long way in making your home look like mother nature’s essence. Infusing these elements into your indoor environment gives an overall welcoming feel to your home. Nature is really inviting, there’s just this grace and majesty about it that envelopes you and makes you feel at peace.

Let the gold glitter

Let the gold glitter

As far back as humans have tried to beautify their homes, gold has always been used to represents class authority and even royalty. So it’s no surprise gold is trending yet again, you could use gold accessories to accentuate furniture, fittings, and ornaments or you could just cover your floors in gold. That is sure to catch the eye of anyone and everyone. Gold is an all-time classic, evergreen. A hint of gold always gives a feel of luxury to any design.

You can’t go wrong with Black

Black Glass Shower Doors

Black often orders contrast to a bright design. You can do black in different quantities, just as much as you are comfortable with or you could just make it a darker theme. Whatever you decide to do, black would always look elegant as the main color or as hints here and there. Black is trending in furniture as well as wallpapers, fixtures and fittings and generally every conceivable part of your interior decor.

A warm pink to lighten things up

Pink generally has a warm feel to it, and it will do so well to provide a bit of contrast from there rusty tones that is dominant this time of the year. Pink is easy on the eyes and very simple to apply so whatever aspect you so choose. Pink in any tone l will work well alongside darkened neutrals, contemporary grace and even metallic themes. A bold statement will be to cover an entire Piece of furniture in any shade of pink, or you could just do a floral design with a touch of pink or background of pink. Pink often gives a soft effect and effeminate feel to designs.

Let your ceiling and floors speak for you

Statement ceilings and floors kept trending throughout the year. You will find bold colors and geometric patterns incorporated into the design of ceilings and floors. You can pretty much say anything through the design of your ceilings and floors. you can go for an eccentric kind of feel, or just a simple patterned curling or floor. Patterned floors and ceilings are trending and there are just so many options to choose from. The pattern of design you make of your ceiling and floor speaks volumes and best believe everyone is listening.

Bring your colors closer to earth

Colored Glass Shower Doors

The use of earthy colors seems to be one of the most populated home design trends this year. Where is a dominant color and extremely well when combined with softer colors, earthy and earthy tones? This trend stems from the “nature feel” trend, it gives its own woody, earthy vibe to indoor environments, and you can be sure it looks elegant in any setting.

A touch of green

When it comes to the natural feel green is indispensable. You can’t have a nature-themed design without a little bit of green here and there. Last year there was a bit of a “green obsession”, and safe to say some of it made it until this year.
You can decide to decorate your home with a textured plant, all green prints on your furniture and beddings. A wallpaper with a leaf printing can really give a bold effect of the green to your living room and other parts of your interiors. you can bring a tropical vibe into your interior design with the type of green and green prints you include in your designs.

Wallpapers are back!!!

Wallpapers Glass Shower Doors

For a while, blank walls and fairly simple pattern designs have been the rave. Some of the best interior design in recent times have been made even more beautiful by wallpapers. Wallpapers can add an interesting twist two living spaces or indoor environments. Current wallpaper designs are more creative and stunning then they used to be. The wallpaper trends just may replace the use of artwork and paintings for wall decor in the near future. Wallpaper designs are beginning to feature landscape scenery abstract shapes geometric patterns and even 3d designs. With wallpapers, there is no limit to your wall design and color combinations.

Darken the kitchen

Kitchens have been contemporarily bright spaces for a long time and in the indoor environment. Most aspects of the kitchen from cabinets the counter tops have always been white or bright colored, but a new trend is popping up these days, soccer shoes seem to be a more practical and unique option. Darker colors are usually easier to keep clean and do a better job at hiding blemishes. You could decide to paint your cabinets in an unexpected shade of green or bolder color on your counter tops. Your kitchen is most likely to be the most used part of your home and always reflects the personality. You can do a sleek quartz work surface, incorporated with a dark cabinetry against a clean marble splash back.

Apart from the stylish twist the dark hue brings to your kitchen, it is a great way to hide the flaws that day to day usage can bring to your kitchen.

A touch of the antique

Antique Glass Shower Doors

The irony is that with all the modern design components we use these days, there is this elegance that antique or artisan pieces bring to your home. Try decorative quilts, tufted rugs, or a rattan lampshade to add a bit of texture and a visual interest while providing the much needed cozy feeling throughout this cold season.

Lighten things up with shapes.

For a happy or more upbeat kind of feel in your indoor environment, you can include all shapes in different shades stripes spots and blocks. With shapes, you really can’t go wrong. You can combine these shapes on a wallpaper, printed on furniture, or a duvet or just have them made into ornaments. Shapes have a beauty of this own that they infuse into to your indoor environment.

Try a new Nordic decor

The Nordic look originated from the Scandinavian look, and you’ve got to do is layer up different textures to give the look some form of depth, it kind of gives that inviting feeling of hibernation. The dominant elements for this season are the influence of patterns and colors in the general outline of your design. The dark pigment paint will make sure that the light wood and soft tones l easily stand out. colors like lavender, sage, blush pink, and canvas white all work together to create that cozy feel.

Give it the global nomad feel.

Infusing hand-dyed textiles and hand thrown pottery into your designs, this look is all about the details, with tassels and pom-poms detailing on everything from the furniture to the walls.
The normal you look gives a comforting warm hug kind of shielding you from the cold winter outside I transport you to a warmer place in your mind and give that feeling of a cozy environment.

Try the Scandinavian look

Scandinavian Glass Shower Doors

The simplicity and minimalism coupled with functionality that characterized the Scandinavian look often give that “simple yet elegant” look to your interior environment. Sometimes less is more and with the Scandinavian look, this cannot be truer.

Remember, a lot about the interior of your home is more about how it makes you feel that how it actually looks, so go for what really gives you that feeling of a comfortable home and you will have made the best choice of design trends, especially when we talk about bathroom interior. After all, your home and bathing area are meant for real comfy space. It is important to pick right accessories including Glass Shower Enclosures and bathtubs. That makes you comfortable in your own home and resonates well with you.

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