5 Major Types of Table Tops to Re-design the Restaurant Ambience

Apart from the food that you serve in your restaurant and the services you offer, its ambiance is another crucial element of the overall dining experience. Lighting options, wall-paints, restaurant chairs and tables, seating layout, figurines, paintings, etc. combine to create an ambiance and set up the theme or tone of your restaurant. Tables are the highlight and centerpiece of any […]

How to Optimize Your Restaurant Seating Space

Every restauranteur needs to think very carefully about how they plan their seating. It might seem like such a simple thing, but the wrong strategy for seat-setting in a public space can have a detrimental effect on the customer experience and whether they return to your establishment. Here are five steps to optimize your restaurant seating space and how to […]

4 Tips to Nail the Rustic Aesthetic in Your Restaurant

The rustic design aesthetic is making waves in the home and culinary design scene. Local coffee shops, trendy cafes, and homey American fare restaurants everywhere are working on nailing the rustic aesthetic with their restaurant designs. This design philosophy has an appreciation for simplicity and natural details, often focusing on achieving an interior aesthetic that matches the beauty found outside. […]

Interior Design Tips for Your Restaurant

When you’re ready to decorate your restaurant, whether you’re opening a new establishment or updating outdated decor, the most important perspectives to consider are your guests first and yours second. Do check out this if you need more interior design inspiration. Dining isn’t just about the food. It’s about the entire experience, which includes the ambiance and décor, just as […]

Luxury Hotel Interior Design Trends

When it comes to hotel designs, trends come and go, and in order to maintain an appealing setting for guests, hotel owners need to adhere to the demanded changes. If you are the type of tourist who values comfortable accommodation, your attention is probably usually directed towards luxurious options. Luxury hotels are the ones to implement interior design changes first, […]

How to Make Your Place Feel Like Hotel

It’s not every day we get the chance to stay in a hotel. With an average stay per night costing $150, not everyone can afford it. Staying in a hotel is such an experience though. The crisp duvet, clean sheets, relaxing atmosphere, sparkling bathroom, and fluffy rugs are such treats to experience. You may not able to afford a hotel […]