Interior Design Tips Inspired by Luxury Hotel Designers


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What do I need to know?

The world of interior design is in constant flux and so staying with the times is something that many of us find challenging. Luckily, we are here to help you out, putting some of the most useful tips into this handy piece. Don’t take our word for it though, we have searched for tips that come straight from those who know interior design better than anyone else.

Are you looking to style your home like a Venetian bathhouse or imitate luxury hotels like the J.K. Place Roma? We have got you covered. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Satisfy the senses

The co-owner of Firmdale Hotels, where she also serves as Creative Director, Kit Kemp believes that every room should look to satisfy each of the senses in at least some shape or form. This can be achieved by incorporating a variety of different textures, smells, colours, shapes in the pursuit of the perfect balance between them all. It ain’t easy!

Kemp believes that moderation is key though, stating that certain surfaces are more accommodating than others. An example of this would be knowing what type of upholstery is best for certain types of furniture. She believes that heavy weaves are best suited to chairs and sofas while cushions, curtains, and throws are best when matched with light linen.

Pick the correct lighting

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We all know that lighting is key but many of us struggle to find that perfect balance between a dull glow and a blinding spotlight. Sometimes you have to be brave when picking a light fixture and it can be a good idea to make that fixture a statement piece that will catch the immediate attention of guests when they first arrive. It can make a great first impression.

The team over at Soho Home, the UK interior design destination, are big on lighting. They believe that the height of the lampshade should be about three quarters as large as the height of the base. They also believe that the lampshades width should equal the approximate length of the space between the base of the lamp and where the fitting is. That is the sweet spot.

Add some of your personality to the room

At the end of the day, it’s your home that you are styling and so it is vital that you provide the space with some of your personality. The last thing you should want is to not feel welcome in your own home. A common mistake people make is copying a style they’ve seen online without actually considering where or not they would like to live in a house like that.

Vanessa Arbuthnott, an interior design expert, believes that we all have the potential to design our own homes in a way that matches us as people. While she does state that we should be aware of the current trends, we should try to put our own spin on them in order to maintain a sense of individuality. Imagine if our homes all looked exactly the same!

Furniture can make or break a room

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An amazing room can look bare and neglected if it is not filled with the right kind of furniture. While the furniture is rarely the showcase part of a room, it is still vitally important to pick out pieces that work in tandem with other aspects. You should especially consider the light fittings, wallpaper pattern (if applicable), and the color scheme when picking out items.

Deciding on a rug is a tricky decision for many, with it feeling almost impossible to decide on which size is the best fit for the room. Some of us prefer smaller, unassuming items while others prefer to have the rug act as almost the statement piece in the room. Joe Berkowitz, of JAB Design Group, states we should always go big and then cut it down to size if needed.

To art or not to art

Deciding on what artwork deserves to live on your walls is a tricky task because, like most things, art is subjective, though this often seems to be a lot more divisive than a sofa or the color of a tablecloth. There is also a financial question that is asked when deciding to buy some artwork to spruce up your wall space – should you go big or play it safe?

Lauren Sands, from LES Collection, recommends speaking with your favorite artists and commissioning them to create some work that is unique to you and will perfectly match the space you want to be filled. Many people are put off by the idea of commissioning artists, but this isn’t something that only the rich can do. Many emerging artists would love the opportunity!

Commissioning work from your favorite artists is one of the best ways you can show your appreciation because they will financially benefit from your actions and that will mean that they will be able to continue doing what they are great at moving forward.

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