DIY Essentials: 8 Workwear Pieces To Own


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The DIY concept is not only a trend; it’s a lifestyle for many. Many people dive into DIY because they feel empowered to create something out of ordinary materials that would typically cost a lot when bought in the store. 

As people continue diving into DIY, the difficulty of the materials they craft has also improved over the years that ordinary clothing wouldn’t be sufficient when doing DIY activities. DIYers are recommended to wear clothes that would protect them from the dangerous elements they’re working on. 

For a certified DIYer, even the not so avid ones, here’s the list of essential workwear pieces you need to own. 

  • Moisture-Wicking Polyester Shirt

While working on your DIY projects, you may not notice that you’re heavily perspiring because you’re too engrossed in what you’re doing. And when you’re wearing an ordinary cotton shirt, your sweat will be absorbed by the material of your shirt and would dry on your skin, causing you to have cough and colds. 

A moisture-wicking polyester shirt pulls the moisture away from the body and into the surface of the shirt, where it quickly evaporates. This technology made it possible for DIYers like you to work relaxed and comfortably for an extended period. The material is also breathable and anti-microbial, thus leaving you without a stench. 

  •  Overalls

Overalls, which are usually made of tough cotton, linen, or denim, can be used as protective clothing while working. This type of clothing can protect you from cold temperature, excessive heat, and even fire and certain chemicals. Thus, you may want to consider adding overalls to your workwear.

In addition, as DIY projects usually require you to move a lot, overalls would allow you to move freely and without movement restrictions on the arms or legs. Thus, you’re comfortable while you’re working.

  • Multi-Pocket Trousers

Trousers with many pockets are beneficial when you’re working on a DIY project, as you can place the tools you need in the pockets while working. This way, you can save time and effort walking from your workstation to your tools now and then. 

These workwear trousers should be soft, lightweight yet durable, and would last many washes. Man Cave Workwear and similar shops have a wide range of trousers you can choose from. You can pick the one that suits your taste and preference.

  • Outerwear

When you work outdoors and are exposed to various elements such as cold and heat, you need appropriate outerwear to protect your body from these conditions. 

Depending on the weather and the season, you need a jacket as outerwear. You may need a heavy coat such as a thermal jacket or a winter parka for the winter season to protect you from hypothermia. 

In addition, you may need a softshell jacket when you’re working in locations where it rains often. This jacket is breathable, lightweight, and generally windproof and water-resistant. It may also have a hoodie to protect your head from getting rainwater. 

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  • Work Gloves

Work gloves are essential for any DIYer who does woodworking projects and metal works. As much as you want to be creative, you also want to protect yourself. Work gloves will protect your hands from unnecessary injuries such as punctures, burns, splinters, and cuts.  Thus, it’s essential to wear a pair every time your work on tasks. 

  • Safety Footwear

To prevent foot injury while doing DIY projects, you need to protect your feet by wearing appropriate footwear. Safety footwear, like safety boots, is designed with safety and comfort in mind since accidents can happen while you’re working on your DIY project. 

Thus, to reduce injuries like impact, compression, and punctures on the feet, you need to wear suitable footwear with the right material that is also comfortable to use while working.

  • Knee Pads

For DIY tasks wherein you need to work on your knees for an extended period, such as carpet laying and tiling, you need knee pads to protect your knee caps from getting bruised. By wearing knee pads, you’ll be able to support and protect your knees and joints from injury. 

  • Goggles 

It only takes a second for a foreign object to invade your eye while working on your DIY project, and this could cause irreparable damage to your eyes.  It is imperative to use goggles while doing your DIY project, especially if it’s wood, chemical, and metal works. You may use protective goggles that are lightweight and made from polycarbonate to resist scratches and breakage. 


While working on DIY projects, you also want to protect yourself from various elements you’re exposed to. As you enjoy crafting and building stuff, you may want to remember to wear appropriate workwear to be able to work on your DIY projects for a longer period. 

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