The Latest Trends In Restaurant Construction In NYC


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The dining room is considered to be the center of a restaurant, while the kitchen is the heart. These two rooms are special and need to be specially designed. The dining room should be welcoming and must have enough space to accommodate as many guests as possible at any given time. On the other hand, the kitchen should be spacious and must have a good layout to accommodate the equipment you may want to use during service delivery.

The latest construction industry trends include an open kitchen layout, craft beer room, and a separate kitchen for outside catering. Also, some restaurant owners are opting to have guest rooms, an outdoor dining space, and a coat check area.

But the demands and needs of guests keep changing. For instance, the modern diner is interested in both appeal and quality.  Also, they are on the lookout for new designs and construction that make the restaurant unique. Read on to unravel the latest trends in restaurant construction in NYC, which you may want to include in your restaurant plan.

1. Open Kitchen Layout Concept

For some time now, the residential properties have enjoyed open kitchen concepts. The kitchen is attached to the dining room to allow the visitor to interact, learn and even listen to the cooking activities. This idea is to make the dinner part of the process.  An open commercial kitchen allows the guest also to interact, listen and learn about preparation methodology. It serves as a source of entertainment and gives meaning to the dish that will finally be served.

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2. Craft Beer Room

Restaurants that serve brews can attract more traffic if they serve in-house prepared brews. For that reason, restaurant owners are remodeling their facilities to include craft beer rooms and equipping them with fermentation tanks. The remodeling includes the addition of cold storage rooms, taps, beverage lines, and much more.

3. Separate Restaurant For Outside Catering

Outside catering programs are becoming common, so restaurant owners are opting to include independent kitchen facilities for these programs. Having a separate kitchen for the catering department will allow employees to get organized in service delivery without disrupting the existing kitchen operations.

4. Restrooms

People are likely to occupy rooms that are attached to a restaurant. So it is now becoming common to include some restrooms in the restaurant construction plan. Clean and neat restrooms are not just inviting but give a hint about the kind of service you expect from the restaurant.

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5. Outdoor Design

It is now common to find outdoor dining spaces attached to the restaurant.  Having a deck or patio is important and may increase your space to serve more customers during peak hours. Having a patio or a deck to serve your guests can bring more visitors to your facility. So you may build a lattice wall with climbing plants to create an appealing natural outdoor space. Also, you may include umbrellas which you can use when it is hot in summer.

6. A Coat Check Area

Some restaurants include some space where guests can hang their coats. A staff member will collect and hang the coats and assign them some number. The number is given to the patrons who keep and only return when they want to collect the coat.   

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