The 3 D’s about Restaurant Chairs that All Restaurant Owners should be familiar with



It is typical to get lost perusing through long catalogs trying to find the perfect restaurant chairs. Don’t get us wrong, it is recommended to look at a catalog from end to end in order to not miss out on a piece of furniture that may win your heart. However, there is so much more to restaurant chair shopping than simply browsing a catalog.

If we are being specific, there are 3 D’s that every restaurant owner must consider to make the right decision when buying restaurant chairs. We’ll be going through each one of them in this article.

1 – Design

Your eyes will be the first thing that need convincing before you even move to certain functional aspects of the chairs you seek to buy. Design is the first of the fundamental D’s a restaurant owner should consider without fail. There are different types of chairs available in the market, varying widely in style and color. From country to contemporary styled, you won’t find yourself starved for diversity in options.


You want restaurant chairs that complement the style and theme of your restaurant. You don’t want it feeling out of place, creating an awkward visual experience for your customers. Remember, customers also privilege ambiance when going out to dine in a restaurant apart from, of course, the delicious food.

For instance, low back upholstered chairs will be perfect for restaurant with a more formal look. A wood chair with black slats will be perfect for bars and restaurants.

2 –Dimensions

Dimensions are another very critical aspect to consider when buying chairs. You want chairs that aren’t too high or too low to facilitate comfortable seating. Restaurant chairs should be about 18” in height from the floor to top. An inch short or an inch tall will lead to discomfort. You also need to consider the type of customers you expect to serve when determining the dimensions you wish your chairs to feature.

Young customers, for instance, will be comfortable with smaller chairs whereas older people won’t find smaller chairs comfortable at all. The width of a chair’s seat should be 15” to 18” with the front seat to be 18 inches in width. Choosing chairs with the right dimensions can be confusing so we recommend consulting with your furniture supplier or manufacturer to find chairs with just the right height and width for your restaurant.


3 – Durability

Finally, Durability is extremely important when buying chairs as you want them to last for ages with as little maintenance and repair work as possible. Don’t just go by visuals as what looks sturdy may be deceiving to the eyes. You can determine whether a chair is durable by paying attention to certain things depending on the material of the chair. Tenon joints and compressed mortise on wooden chairs are signs of premium quality construction.

On the contrary, weak wooden chairs will be those that are first finished as pieces and then assembled. These type of chairs will fall apart in no time, perhaps in less than a year. Metal chairs can be checked for durability by looking for welded joints. Chairs attached with nuts and bolts can fall apart very easily as opposed to chairs that are put together with welded joints.

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