Upping Your Bedroom Game: 7 Tips to a Luxurious Bedroom


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Building a new home or leasing a new apartment comes with unique challenges in terms of décor. You want to create a warm space for your family, or perhaps you live alone. Depending on the state of the living space, you may decide a complete overhaul of all rooms is necessary, even if it costs extra. If you are planning to spruce up your apartment, here are seven great tips for a bedroom of luxury.

Stylish Seating

Contrary to popular belief, the bedroom is not just a room equipped with a bed for sleeping. You can create some seating space for reading times or catching up with work before bedtime. If there is a nook at the window, this would be an ideal space to add a bench with beautiful upholstery.

If you are concerned about cluttering the space, invest in just one beautiful chair in a corner. You can use this for nursing, placing clothes temporarily, or for some quiet reading.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is an essential element in designing and decorating any space. Invest in intelligent lighting that changes hues and brightness to suit the mood. You can manipulate these lights from an app on your smartphone or other device connected to the internet.

Some people prefer the glitz and glamor of a chandelier hanging atop the bed as a statement piece. You may consider this option if your bedroom has ample space. String lights along the bed are another excellent idea, especially now that the holidays are upon us. 

Upgrade Beddings

It doesn’t matter how comfortable your mattress and pillows are if your sheets are not up to par. Coarse sheets, for instance, are rough on your skin and will probably keep you awake at night. Some people prefer cotton, silk, or flax sheets and swear by them. Bamboo sheets are the latest trend popular for their eco-friendly threads and soft texture.

Bamboo is known for its sturdiness, and this translates to the sheets. Investing in a few pairs of bamboo sheets comes with a promise of longevity, and what’s more, they resist moisture. People who sweat profusely at night don’t have to worry about getting up to change sheets anymore.

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Glitzy Nightstands

Your traditional bedside tables may have lost their aesthetic appeal. If your current nightstand has sentimental value, you can upgrade it by adding a fresh coat of paint and new knobs. Alternatively, you can shop around for vintage nightstands at the flea market or get new ones from department stores.

Beautiful Rug

Don’t forget to give your flooring a boost. Ripping up old floorboards may not be feasible due to the terms of your lease agreement, but there are more straightforward remedies. Shop around for a beautiful rug that goes along with your bedroom décor. The good thing is that you can wait for those fantastic holiday deals.

Incorporate Some Greenery

Houseplants are an ideal way of elevating the décor of your bedroom to make it luxurious. Remember that plants take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide at night. But this is no cause for worry.

NASA derives that some plants are ideal for indoor spaces and specifically the bedroom due to their capacity to remove toxins from the air. Snake plants, Swiss Cheese plants, Dracaena, and Anthurium, are examples of plants that purify the air and would therefore be suitable for your bedroom.

Hidden Storage

Bedrooms are not the first thing people see when they enter a home unless you live in a tiny studio apartment. You will often find these private spaces have clutter everywhere and are just about any imaginable mess. It could be dirty linens lying on the floor, fresh laundry, electrical cords, books, children’s toys, and so forth.

Utilize hidden storage like cabinets in the bathroom or an extension of your closet to put away all this clutter. Not only will your space look neater, but it will also be safer for kids. More so, putting away important stuff, like tablets and laptops, in the hidden storage saves them from damage.

Upgrading your bedroom from a dull space to a luxurious enclave only requires a few tweaks here and there. Take full advantage of holiday discounts to shop for your home, and don’t be afraid to try the latest décor trends.

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