Which commercial refrigerator is best suited to your requirements? 


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When it comes to your business, you want to achieve great things. 

Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you’ve invested in the correct equipment to aid in these achievements. 

And commercial refrigeration has an important part to play, no matter the industry you work in.

Because it has such a major impact on your business, you’ll want to make sure your refrigeration choice is suited to your environment. But how do you know which commercial refrigerator is best suited to your requirements? 

Here’s what you need to know.

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The perfect refrigeration for your bar

When you go into a bar, you don’t want to be handed a warm bottle of beer or tonic to accompany your gin. 

You want a refreshing, ice-cold drink. That’s why refrigeration is so important.

It needs to withstand constant use, especially during busy periods, and needs to hold a significant number of bottles so your bar staff can focus on serving customers rather than restocking. 

But it also needs to look good. 

Your back bar is on full show of punters. It can allow your customers to see exactly what you have on offer before they order, avoiding delays when it comes to ordering.  

Back bar coolers are the ideal refrigeration solution for this environment. Their hinged glass doors allow for easy access and enable products to be on show at all times. They can also fit perfectly under your back bar area, utilising your otherwise wasted space. 

Fantastic refrigeration solutions for food retail

Both chilled and frozen food needs to be stored correctly at all times in a food retail environment, otherwise you risk massive losses thanks to spoiled food. 

Food being delivered to a supermarket, for example, creates the perfect opportunity for food to go bad. Once it has been unloaded from the refrigerated van, it needs to be stored in a similar environment until it is put into fridges/freezers on the shop floor. If left in an unloading bay, it will spoil and therefore be a loss for the company. 

That’s where cold rooms come in handy. Once trolleys have been unloaded from the lorry, they can be taken straight into the cold room where they can sit until the products are required on the shop floor. 

Once products are taken onto the shop floor and ready to be sold, they still need to be kept in their ideal environment. But, because you want your customers to buy these items, they need to look good to encourage impulsive buying. 

Island freezers are the perfect option for shop floor refrigeration. When purchasing your island freezer, you can choose between a sliding door or a lift-open door. Both make products easily accessible whilst keeping them chilled and fresh. 

Multideck fridges are another great option. These showcase products clearly at different levels, meaning you can group similar products together to make the customer’s buying process that bit simpler. 

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Compact refrigeration for cafes and delis

Cafes and delis tend to be situated in smaller premises, making space precious. Especially if you want a seating area for your valued customers. 

Serve-over-counter fridges are the perfect solution for these environments. 

They allow you to place your cakes, pastries, and other delicious foods in clear view of your customers, who can then place their orders then and there, over the counter. 

You may choose to have a till at the end of your counter where customers can pay, but many choose to house this on the back wall, out of the way to ensure their space is used to its full potential.  

These are also fast-paced environments. 

So, if you have popular menu choices, sandwiches and pasta, for example, you may wish to prepare these ahead of your opening hours to ensure you meet the demand. 

But where do you keep them? The fridges in your preparation area may be dedicated to ingredients.

Consider a sandwich refrigeration unit. These units allow grab-and-go items to be kept at their optimal temperature, ensuring they adhere to health and safety standards whilst also being easily accessible to customers. 

Making your decision

Now that you’ve got an idea of the type of refrigeration unit best suited to your workplace, it’s time to make your decision. 

Make sure to contact a reputable supplier to ensure you receive a high-quality product. 

The team at J&M Refrigeration are experts when it comes to commercial refrigeration. Get in touch with their friendly team to discuss your requirements. 

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