7 Cost-Effective Accent Wall Ideas

Moving into a new home, or looking to revamp your current living space without breaking the bank? There is so much magic that you can create just by doing up one of the walls in the room.
This wall, called an accent wall, becomes the focal point in the room and gives an extra touch of drama and elegance. There are many inexpensive and not-so-expensive materials that you can use to achieve this effect.

Some of them may just be lying around in your bedroom drawer or kitchen pantry. You might want to try out some of these creative ideas:

1. Use a temporary wallpaper

Use a temporary wallpaper

Temporary wallpapers are great because they offer a high degree of flexibility for those afraid of committing to a particular design for a long time. They are easy to apply and take down.
Also, with sufficient patience and attention, they can be put up without needing the paid services of an interior decorator.

2. Create a 3D accent wall using knickknacks

Fancy buttons from old clothes, vintage spindles, and brooches all go well on white walls, as they create a colorful pop.

You can create beautiful patterns using these items or glue them on randomly on the accent wall, depending on your aesthetic inclination. There is beauty in chaos, after all.

3. Turn your old china to vintage decorative pieces

You neither use them not feel inclined to give them away, perhaps because of the pleasant memories of past dinnertimes that they hold.

You may want to get them out of the pantry and onto the walls where other eyes can appreciate them too. Multicolored or monochrome selection? Whatever works for you!

4. Hang up your art collections

Hang up your art collections
Beautiful framed art pieces can instantly take a wall from drab to fab when done well. Go for a mix of large and smaller canvases and hang them at alternating heights so as not to create a boring line of artwork.

Also, remember to choose pieces whose colors complement the existing colors in the room, such as those of your window treatment and furniture, and other decorative pieces.

5. Give your wall a wooden treat

Why wood? They are easy to come by and can be given different kinds of finishes to suit your taste. For instance, they can be sprayed with veneer to add a more natural wooden sheen, or covered with chalk paint for a more artsy feel.

For a more unified look, you may want to repaint the room in a color tone that compliments your accent wall.

6. Paint the beauty on

Paint the beauty on
It is amazing what a gallon of paint can do to bring a room back to life. If you are feeling extra bold, you can give your accent wall a color that contrasts sharply with the other walls. Or you may also choose a warm tone to complement the existing colors if they are also warm.

For a more lively finish, consider adding geometric shapes and patterns on the painted accent wall.

7. Create a photo collage

This option is excellent for the lobby or hallway. Put your photos in frames with complementing colors and pepper your wall with them.

Not only do you create a beautiful accent wall, but you also get to relive happy memories.

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