Building a DIY vertical wooden slat wall


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This tutorial is going to show you how to build a Vertical Wooden Slat-Wall. A “vertical” wall is when the slats are vertical and they sit on the floor. This type of wall is great for displaying a lot of artwork or decor because it’s easy to change it out every season. You can even customize it by adding a shelf or a mirror to the wall. The concept is similar to a closet organizer, like the one we built for our bedroom. But instead of having horizontal slats, we’re going to have vertical slats with small holes to show off our photos.

Before you start, be sure you have all of your tools and materials ready. We’re going to build this wall using pressure-treated wood. This is a very sturdy type of wood that can be used in outdoor applications, but we’re not going to use it outside because it will stain our floor with oil stains. Most home improvement stores like Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards carry it. We’ll also be using some wood screws, wood stain, and a light coat of polyurethane to seal the wood. If you don’t have all of these materials at home already, you might want to pick them up before starting.  Wood stain or paint can be used instead of polyurethane if you plan on painting your wall and don’t have time to wait for it to dry.

DIY slat wall foundations:

Since this wall is going to have a lot of weight on it to support the pictures, we need to make sure that it is well-supported. We could build a completely new wood frame for the wall and attach everything without using any existing structure. However, if you’re like most people and living in an apartment or rental unit, this option might be too expensive or difficult for you. This is why we’re going to use your current walls as the foundation for your adhesive slat wall.

We’re going to start by building a small frame around the perimeter of our wall. You can build this frame however you’d like, but we’ll be using three boards, each measuring 13 inches wide by 13 inches longer than the previous one. (The distance between each board is 1 foot). We’re going to use these three boards to make our frame. The height of this frame will vary depending on how tall your existing walls are and how far apart they are set. If there is a window in your wall, you’ll want to make sure that the side of the frame is flush with the side of the window.

Wooden slat wall building process:

Once you have a frame built around the perimeter of your wall, we can start building our slat wall. We’re going to build the wall using three layers of wood boards. The top layer is going to be glued down with pinewood glue. The second layer of boards is going to be glued down with white glue. The final layer will be stained and left unstained. Using the skinnier end of your pencil, trace out the shape of the vertical part of your slat wall. We’ll be making six holes for the vertical slats on this first side, so it’s best to make a rough sketch of how your vertical slats are going to look so that you don’t worry about making them perfectly even later on.

slat wall 2

And now we’re ready to build! We’ll start by attaching one of our top boards. We’re going to make sure that they rest on the walls and that the holes are facing up. You may need to use some scraps to fill in empty space between your walls and the wood boards. Then, use pinewood glue and spread it around each slat, making sure not to get any glue on the horizontal part of your wooden slat wall. Once you’ve spread the glue, put your second layer of boards on. Depending on how tall your vertical slats will be, you may need to add more boards to make sure that your wall is correctly supported.

How to Make a Wood Slat Wall on an Exterior Brick Wall?

The exterior of your home is often a great place to display your personality. Even if the exterior design of your home isn’t all that different from others in your neighborhood, you can still put on the finishing touches and make it one-of-a-kind. The easiest way to do this is by creating a vertical wooden slat wall. It’s important to select the type of wood you’ll be using for the slats carefully. Most people choose wood from cedar trees, which provide better weather resistance than most native trees. You’ll want to make sure none of the wood has any knots, which will cause the slats to warp. There are several different ways you can create a wall using this method, but we’re going to look at one of the simplest. 


Building a homemade slat wall is a great way to change the look of your space without spending a lot of money. It’s easy to make and easy to customize, which is why it’s ideal for renters who aren’t allowed to paint their walls. This DIY vertical wood slat wall also makes a great gift idea because you can build it in any size and style that you want. 

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