Can You Use Use A Wallpaper As A Backsplash?


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As many homeowners know, choosing the right backsplash for the kitchen is an essential part of the renovation process. In this regard, there are endless design possibilities and several materials to choose from. However, some alternatives can be expensive. Since we want all homeowners to have a luxurious kitchen without drowning in debt, below, we will explain how to use wallpaper as a kitchen backsplash.

There are a couple of things homeowners need to keep in mind when it comes to the kitchen backsplash. First, even though this is considered a decor element, it actually performs an important function, covering the walls. We all know that while cooking a meal, it is impossible to prevent all spills. That’s why the perfect backsplash needs to be easy to clean and fashionable at the same time.

We understand that some homeowners might be thinking that using wallpaper for the kitchen won’t work since it is a material that only works for the bedroom. But, that is not true. Wallpapers are versatile and come in a great variety of designs. Plus, these can be cut out and adapted into different spaces.

Wallpaper backsplash: Is it a good idea?

Even though many homeowners like subway tile or marble backsplashes, these options require a large budget. Further, people will have to hire professionals for the installation process. But, when using wallpaper as a kitchen backsplash, there are several advantages. For instance, it is affordable and is easy to remove.

Thanks to all of these characteristics, this is also an ideal option for all renters who want to add a designer touch to their kitchen without damaging the property. Plus, wallpaper as a backsplash provides many stylish options that can adapt to all room layouts.

Installation process

Another process of choosing wallpaper as kitchen backsplash is that it can be easily installed. This is a perfect activity for all homeowners who are always looking for new small projects to do around the house. The only downside is that wallpaper won’t work over a textured surface. In this regard, if there is a kitchen with brick in the background, this idea won’t work. But, if that is the case in the following link, you can find more alternatives:

Some other tips that could help homeowners during the installation process of wallpaper backsplash are making a template with kraft paper. Then, it will be easier to cut the exact piece they need without wasting material. When applying it, this could be done from top to bottom or horizontally depending on the space.

The last thing will be fixing some details such as the outlets. There are two options. First, homeowners can paint them or cut individual pieces of wallpaper to cover them.

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Where to get wallpaper backsplash?

Now that we have told homeowners why it is a good idea to have wallpaper as a backsplash and how to install it, it’s time to move on. In this section, we will focus on where to get this material.

The good news is that since wallpaper is common, homeowners can find it in almost every crafts store or even some home renovation stores. Because there are different types of wallpapers, the prices vary as well. For instance, in general, people can purchase this material starting at $25 per roll. But, in case, they want something more luxurious that resembles the look of tiles, the price can go as high as $250 per roll.

There are two things to keep in mind when purchasing wallpaper. First, to have an easier installation process, purchase peel-and-stick wallpaper. Also, the thicker the better. We don’t want to buy the same material we will use for the bedroom.

Maintaining wallpaper as a backsplash

As many homeowners might already know, all the elements in the kitchen have a different maintenance process. Why? Because the composition of all of them is different. For instance, while marble is a natural stone, quartz is an engineered product. In that case, for marble, it is necessary to use a sealant, while quartz can be cleaned only by using water and mild soap.

Luckily, in the market, homeowners can find washable wallpaper, which is easy to clean without compromising its quality. Just take some warm water and dish soap to do regular maintenance. To remove some tough stains, it might be necessary to use vinegar or baking soda. However, make sure not to apply it excessively, otherwise, the wallpaper could get damaged.

One reason why many people look at other alternatives before considering wallpaper is that this material is flammable. This is not ideal for the kitchen, since it is the place where we are going to cook all the time. But, to be safe, homeowners can install it 18 inches away from the stove.

Inspirational ideas for backsplash wallpapers

Above we have explained, everything homeowners need to know about installing a wallpaper backsplash in the kitchen. Now we have reached the fun part, which is looking at inspirational ideas that could be adapted to several layouts.

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French vibes

We love all the wallpapers that have a little summer vibe inserted, and there is nothing better for it than a French-inspired design. For this instance, we will choose wallpapers that have a white background with some dark and light blue details. It will not only make the kitchen look larger, but will also add a delicate touch to it.

Embrace art

If you are going to use wallpaper for the kitchen, it is the perfect opportunity to insert something unique into the kitchen. In this regard, many wallpaper designs offer homeowners artful backgrounds that could almost look like paintings over the wall.

Fake azulejos

Azulejos are a famous style of backsplash in Portugal, and many people love them since these can be laid out in different forms. Instead of paying a high cost to get them, just purchase a backsplash with a similar design and install it in the kitchen.


As we have explained in this article, using wallpaper as a backsplash is a great option for all homeowners who are on a budget. Plus, this option will allow them to choose between a variety of styles and tonalities.

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