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How To Make Greener Choices Around The Home This Year

When we are stressed, overtired, and burnt out, it can be all too easy to cut corners when it comes to cleaning. We attend to the bits that we can see instead of committing to a deep clean. We put the dryer on for another cycle instead of hanging wet clothes out on the line. We keep using the same old appliances even though they barely work properly anymore. But now it’s spring, and it is high time we get to work on cleaning up those old bad habits. 

One of the most pressing issues for everyone right now is to think about how they can start to go greener in the months ahead. We have all seen the headlines about climate change over the last couple of years, and the extreme weather events and drastically changing temperatures are impossible to ignore. However, while we watch as governments and big corporations make their proclamations about what they are going to do to tackle the issue, it can sometimes feel like there is little that we can do as individuals. 

How can the small actions that are available to us make an impact? The answer, of course, is that if we all start making changes to the way we live our lives, then the impact gets bigger and bigger. We each have an individual carbon footprint, and it is our responsibility to make sure that it is as small as possible. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Give Up Driving If It’s Not Necessary

When we talk about convenient choices that may have serious repercussions, driving a car must be one of the biggest. Road traffic is a massive cause of pollution, and this is an area where you can have a real impact. For example, if you are a two-car household, do you really need to be? Think about how you can use public transport to get to work, or if you could walk or cycle. It may not always be an option depending on your location, but this is one of the most important things that you can do.

Look At Your Cleaning Materials

Many of us grew up in an era where chemicals and certain types of cleaning materials were sold to us as the only way to get rid of household dirt, germs, and grime. There are always going to be times when antiseptic liquid is necessary, but there are going to be many more where a less harmful substance will do. White vinegar has long been used by people looking to save money on the household bills, and it is very effective at getting rid of grime and build-up everywhere from your kitchen counters to your toilet. 

You also need to think about the materials that you are using to clean up. Don’t buy one use-only cloths, invest in high quality cloths that can be washed and used again. Cheesecloth is an incredibly versatile and durable fabric that can be used for household cleaning, covering foods, and wiping up any messes that you might have. If you are looking to buy bulk unbleached cheesecloth, visit Mary’s Kitchen Towels. They are the leading manufacturer and distributor of blank and printed flour sack towels in North America.

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Upgrade Your Appliances

We know that buying new home appliances is something that most of us try and put off until the last possible moment. It can be an expensive and stressful process, and this is why so many of us put up with unsatisfactory results and massive energy bills. Well, with the price of energy on the rise, this may be the best time to make the switch. Newer machines such as washer dryers and refrigerators will have a higher energy efficiency rating. That means less waste and less cost to you in the long run, and it means that you are actively cutting down your carbon footprint. 

Recycle Your Electronic Waste

On the note of replacing your electronics and appliances, e-waste is one of the biggest problems facing our society right now. So many electrical items are simply thrown away, from cellphones to desktop computers, with absolutely no regard given to their proper disposal. If you are getting some new equipment this spring, make sure to check the best way to get rid of the old ones. Maybe you could donate your electrical goods to a charity store or local institution, and if not, you should find out where your nearest recycling facility is.

Insulate Your Property

Finally, a note on insulation. One of the biggest causes of energy waste in homes is improper insulation. If you have noticed that it takes an age to warm or cool your property, then find out if you could improve the insulation. Be sure to check your attic, basement, and exterior walls. This is an investment that will save money and help to reduce your individual waste creation.

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