SDH Studio architecture and interior design

SDH Studio is among the most awarded modern architecture and interior design firms in Miami. The young, energetic team is passionate about following the principles of nature and continuously upgrading the building process. They base their strategies and methods on the undeniable connection between the environment and architecture, creating lavishing concepts with outstanding design.  The architects and designers at SDH […]

Why an Architecture is Important for Your Building or Design Business

Architecture builders Christchurch considers the design of the building from several perspectives. The catalyst is the requirements of the planner and the owner of the building. The employer is interested in a Comprehensive overview of the purpose of the building. This indicates by whom the building is to be constructed, WHO is to occupy it, and when it is to […]

Effective Ways to Ensure a Successful Commercial Build Out

Your business needs an expansion strategy to thrive and grow. One of the most easy ways to do this can be by setting up new offices, renovating your existing ones, or implementing a tenant improvement plan.  The existing project’s commercial remodeling isn’t as challenging as setting up an office from scratch. Still, it’s advisable to connect with the right commercial […]

ADA Compliant Exterior Designs

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) is all about access. This civil rights law prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability especially in the case of physical barriers that can cut off access to needed goods and services. Some of the more noticeable effects of the passing of this law were felt with the appearance of more wheelchair-friendly […]

What are The Excellent Ways to 3D Model My Dream House?

It can be humorous and satisfying to create a house from point zero. However, it can cause fear. With the classic old devices offering more than just calling facilities, homeowners can now rely on their home project’s different toolbox. Apps provide design inspiration, budget management, construction dimensions, DIY guides, renovation plans, and so many more, regardless of what point you […]

The Resurrection of Vernacular Architecture

The Vernacular style of architecture is especially influenced by native culture and tradition. It heavily emphasizes on the need for locally sourced materials for construction. Moreover, this style of architecture is specific to an indigenous time and place and it is not replicated elsewhere. The philosophy of Vernacular Architecture is that it reflects a special relationship between a place and […]

Why Structural Engineer Assessments are Vital for Home Extension Projects

Do you think that you are safe when you omit a structural engineer’s services when doing extensions? Seeking permission from relevant authorities before constructing will save your skin in more ways than one. Furthermore, it is best if you involve the right personnel in handling the task. For sure, you will hate the outcome if you consider these factors lightly. […]

What Does the Medical Office Design Process Include?

One’s medical office design should be aimed at patient comfort and experience. Modern interior design, including stylish décor, furniture, and facilities can significantly affect the experience of the patients. The overall design of a medical facility can help save lives or negatively affect the patients’ health. But how should you design your medical facilities to achieve the former? Luckily for […]

6 Uniquely Australian Architecture Styles

There are a number of architectural influences that define the typical Australian household these include either the pre-1840 colonial- or Victorian-styled homes tell the more sustainable modular ones there are more futuristic. However, Australia has developed its own style in the form of Queenslander homes which are suitable for areas of warm tropical climates and frequent floods. So if you’re […]

What Do Different Architects Do?

The profession of an architect is a noble one. It is one that involves designing detailed plans and designs for the initial phase of any construction work that involves building anything from people’s houses to office parks, schools, museums, government, religious and other varieties of different edifices. It is a combination of both art and science that makes this a […]