Luxury Hotel Interior Design Trends

When it comes to hotel designs, trends come and go, and in order to maintain an appealing setting for guests, hotel owners need to adhere to the demanded changes. If you are the type of tourist who values comfortable accommodation, your attention is probably usually directed towards luxurious options. Luxury hotels are the ones to implement interior design changes first, owners understanding that they need to keep up with requirements in order to maintain a popular position in the industry. Whether you are planning a trip abroad in the near future, or you simply want to be informed on the matter, being aware of the most pearl hotel interior design trends at the moment could help you always decide on the ideal accommodation option. Here are the trends that are currently circulating:

Bold bathrooms

Bold bathrooms

One of the things that are likely to draw your interest first, when you are browsing through different luxury hotel options and are trying to decide on one, is the design of the bathroom. A hotel room would not fit within the luxury category if the bathroom didn’t benefit from an appropriate design. In recent years, a bolder approach has been chosen in this department. Gold and black lacquer, and high quality marble elements can be spotted in various luxury bathroom designs. Bathroom furniture is also something that seems to grab the attention of hotel decorators, so you can easily come across a seating spot right in your hotel room bathroom. Hotel bathrooms also need to be spacious, for additional comfort and convenience.

Refinement signature

Whether it’s a deluxe suite or a standard room, luxury hotels designer usually focus on providing a refined approach on interior aesthetics. The quality of the furniture items and decorations incorporated comes as a main priority here. Less is more seems to be the principle that is mainly targeted by designers, but each item found in the décor is attentively selected to create chic and luxurious vibes. Regardless if it’s a 5 star hotel in Makkah or a boutique hotel in Amsterdam, any building that welcomes guests and offers a high-end stay will have that refinement signature. In order for the results obtained to be excellent ones, each detail is thought through with care. From the sheets and covers of the bed to the lighting system incorporated, everything connects and create a visual ensemble that exuberates sophistication and delicacy.

Natural elements – the greenery trends

Natural elements – the greenery trends
The greenery trend has conquered the world of interior design, starting from commercial spaces and up to the common household so naturally, hotels have started to adopt this decorative tactic themselves. Natural elements are present in the lobbies, receptions and rooms of luxury hotels all over the world. While some hotels stick to a few strategically placed potted plants, others have gone a level further and have played with color shades that give the space a nature-like sensation. Plants have the role of making interior aesthetics feel more eclectic, and while the preferred option is having real plants, experienced designers can easily play with fake green spots as well, which, if chosen accordingly, can provide the same real feel.

Welcoming lobby concept

It seem like more hotel owners have understood that lobby areas need to raise up to the same luxury standards as their rooms and dining spaced, and new concepts have been embraced in this department. Designers working towards luxury characteristics are mostly targeting welcoming and inviting aesthetics, when it comes to lobby designs. The spaces can be described as pragmatic, holding something of the home-away-from-home aesthetic. Dynamic social spaces have thus been put together in hotels, standard furniture items being replaced with comfortable sit-downs and visually appealing decorations. Luxury hotels should have available space for leisure all around the premises, and the lobby is one of the main areas to benefit from improvements. If you check a few photographs of the most popular hotels around the world, you will observe the effort put into creating lobbies with an inviting atmosphere.

Indoors connected to the outdoors

Indoors connected to the outdoors
You will notice quite frequently a blend between outdoor settings and indoor areas. Connecting these two spaces can be achieved in various ways. While some hotels have created a lounge area that links a beautifully landscaped garden with the classic indoor leisure setting, others have relied on panoramic views in rooms, multilevel terraces and indoor waterfalls. An indoor-outdoor space design can contribute to the general luxury feel of any hotel, and that is why it has become a popular trend these past few years.

Smart design

Luxury hotels need to offer increased functionality and convenience, and not just aesthetics that catch the eye, so with the rise of technology advancements, more smart interior designs have been adopted by tourist accommodations. Personalized tablets that control a wide variety of things, such as room temperature or food orders, or hotel rooms with streaming capabilities are available. High-tech hospitality has given hotel designers the possibility of mixing flexibility with creativity and creating great things for guests.

Urban accents

Urban accents
While classic choices always remain a must for luxury hotels that don’t want to go out of style, some designers are now focusing on adding a touch of urban culture to the premises. Street art elements can thus be spotted in some hotel lobbies. Different visual statements, often ones that go hand in hand with the local urban culture, have the role of making the space feel more personalized and unique.

Staying in style should be one of your priorities each and every time you travel. A trip will not feel as relaxing and enjoyable as it should, when you aren’t benefiting from the right type of accommodation. Luxury hotels have increased in number in recent years, and new trends are emerging on the matter. These are the aspects designers focus on when it comes to interiors, and the biggest players of the industry seem to adopt these decorative strategies on n international levels. Any hotel that falls within the luxury category needs to meet expectations, and besides comfort, aesthetical appeal plays a critical role.

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