Best Wicker Baskets to Make Your Home Classy


Best Wicker Baskets

Organizing your home properly will not only make it easier to clean but it also helps in creating a personal sanctuary after having a long day. Furthermore, it also helps in reducing stress and you can easily get something you need. Among the easiest ways of organizing your office or home is by keeping similar stuff together and in a stylish storage basket. Wicker bins are suitable for this since they are available in several sizes and in neutral colors that suit almost every kind of setting or decor.

These storage baskets are multipurpose and they can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, offices, gyms, salons, etc. Apart from being very functional these baskets also provide aesthetic appeal and uniformity. Let’s have a quick look at some of the best baskets to help you create a stress-free living space and improve your mood, well-being, and even general health.

1. GRANNY SAYS Large Wicker Basket

    GRANNY SAYS Large Wicker is the best quality basket that’s made from Polypropylene wicker. You can get this durable basket in brown, caramel, natural, and gray. Moreover, this box is available in a rectangular shape that measures 16.5″L x 13″W x 7.5″H making it spacious. It’s handwoven on a metal frame giving it a rigid structure that’s strong and durable. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

    The material used makes this basket multipurpose in any room. Moreover, its moisture-proof material makes it simple to clean and perfect for use in the kitchen and bathroom storing lotions, hand towels, snacks, vegetables, etc.

    GRANNY SAYS Large Wicker Basket features 3 handles for convenience when moving. Furthermore, it’s also suitable to use as a storage baskets for coffee tables and shelves. Its hand-knitted design and unique textures make this basket function as both decorative and storage baskets.


    • Product Type: Wicker Storage Basket
    • Carry Handles: Yes
    • Primary Material: Polypropylene
    • Color: Brown, caramel, natural and gray
    • Measurements: 16.5″D x 13″W x 7.5″H
    • Shape: ‎Rectangular
    • Closure Type: ‎Open top


    • Available in spacious size
    • Features a rigid structure, durable
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    • Available in different colors and sizes
    • It’s moisture-proof
    • Features 3 carry handles
    • Can act as a decorative basket


    • A bit costly

    2. GRANNY SAYS Wicker Baskets for Organizing

      GRANNY SAYS Wicker Baskets for Organizing are made using polypropylene plastic wicker. The package comes in three pieces. The bigger box measures 14.5″L x 10.75″ W x 6.75″H and the other 2 small boxes measure 13″L x 6″ W x 4.5″H each. Moreover, this basket is multifunctional and it can be used for organizing towels, toilet paper rolls, etc. The different sizes make this basket set a perfect storage solution for a home office to store books, stationery, office supplies, etc.

      You can get this basket in either brown, caramel, gray, or natural hues. In addition, its hand-knitted design with unique textures makes these wicker baskets suitable as both decorative and storage baskets. The basket features a metal frame that makes it sturdy and durable. Since it’s made using plastic material, it’s easy to clean and also suitable for either indoor or outdoor use.

      GRANNY SAYS Wicker Baskets are also a suitable organizer for your countertops and shelves. You can use it as snack containers or makeup organizers.


      • Product Type: 3 Wicker Storage Baskets
      • Carry Handles: Yes
      • Primary Material: Polypropylene
      • Color: Brown, caramel, nature, and gray
      • Measurements: 14.5″L x 10.25″W x 6.75″H (bigger one), 13″L x 6″W x 4.5″H (2 small ones)
      • Shape: ‎Rectangular
      • Closure Type: ‎Open top
      • Waterproof: Yes


      • Features a carry handle
      • Available in different colors and sizes
      • Comes in three pieces
      • It’s multipurpose
      • Has a durable frame structure
      • It’s easy to clean
      • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
      • It’s water-resistant


      • The store space may be limited to some

      Best Wicker Baskets Buying Guide

      Baskets are the best since they come in different sizes and shapes, and they are simple to carry around. Furthermore, they also match with almost every decor. Let’s have a closer look at things you should consider when selecting the best wicker baskets.

      • Purpose

      Before purchasing the best wicker basket, you need to understand what you need to store in it. This can be crafts, cosmetics, toys, clothing, towels, etc.

      • Lids

      Large wicker baskets often come with a lid. However, there are several varieties to select from to suit every requirement. Getting a basket that has a lid will help keep your items away from pets, protect them from dust, etc. Moreover, open containers allow free air through and ease of access to your stuff.

      • Shape

      Wicker baskets are available in different shapes including square, round, oval, and rectangular. Moreover, check if the baskets are stackable to maximize storage space. Rectangular wicker bins are more space-efficient and they fit in drawers and shelves better.

      • Size

      Apart from considering the size of the stuff you’ll keep in the basket, also consider the space where you plan to place the basket. There are cases where baskets don’t fit on a shelf where you plan to utilize them. You should measure the space available before making a purchase.

      • Style

      Most wicker baskets are available in neutral shades that are from dark brown to light golden and grey. These natural hues make it easy to pair with any decor. Moreover, these boxes are also available in different thicknesses and weave patterns. Thin weaves will match well with elegant settings. Chunky weaves look elegant in a more rustic setting.

      • Material

      Wicker is derived from plant materials like rattan, willow, reed, and bamboo. Synthetic fiber offers durability, sturdiness, and weather protection. Bins made from wicker are light yet strong. 

      Synthetic or treated natural materials are normally waterproof. On the other hand, non-treated natural materials form mold easily at the bottom if stored in a humid environment without sufficient airflow. There are designs with a wireframe and this ensures that the basket will retain its shape as it holds enough.

      • Handles

      Handles make it easy to carry heavy baskets and convenient when pulling a basket under a bed, high shelf, or counter. 

      • Stackable Storage

      Stackable wicker baskets are a great option since they help in maximizing vertical space. Baskets that fit each other are convenient to store without taking more space when it’s not in use.

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