Tips to Decorate Your Kitchen With Flower Herbs


Kitchen Flower Herbs

Decorating a home, especially a kitchen, represents the beauty of the heart of one who is garnishing because the decoration in itself is not a look but a point of view. When searching for an idea to decorate your kitchen, make sure that only green is not the color you can add; there are a lot of flower herbs that can add colors as well as aroma and natural beauty to your home and especially your kitchen. Flowers related to emotions are peaceful for the soul and beneficial for health.

Why You Need a Herb Garden in Your Kitchen

Kitchen Herb Garden

Having an herb garden is helpful for decor purposes and can also fulfill most of your herb needs in your kitchen. You can grow some commonly used herbs in your herb garden and use them for cooking and other purposes.

Types of Flower herbs for kitchen decoration

Following are the flower herbs most popular for kitchen decoration:

  • Ornamental oregano
  • Roman chamomile
  • Catmint
  • Berggarten sage
  • Silver Thyme
  • Sweet cicely
  • Tutti frutti
  • Leoyoubei petal
  • Garlic chives

Purple flower herbs for decoration

Decoration with flower herbs in purple hues exhibits delicate and lavish presentment.

Kitchen Decoration Purple flower herbs

Purple is associated with royalty and is used to show admiration, rarity, and emotions. To decorate the kitchen with purple-colored flower herbs, have a look down:

  • Purple Delphinium
  • Violet Opulence,
  • Mini Purple Phalaenopsis
  • Lavender plant
  • Faux lilac
  • Purple Hydrangea.

If you are looking for tips on decorating your kitchen with flower herbs, Below are the ideas:

1. Flower herbs in plant stands

A plant stand is preferred for different design modes. They are ever up-to-date and look artistic and elegant. Also being used as a fill-up for space. There are different kinds of plant stands such as:

Kitchen Flower herbs plant stands
  • Copper stands with cement tops
  • Wire stands
  • Marble top stand
  • Deco screen stands
  • Basket stands
  • Bench stand
  • Hanging stands etc.

2. Jarred Flower herbs

Usually, when you use up grocery stores, a few bottles or jars of sauces and oils are spare for reuse. You can reorient them for decoration purposes in various ways, such as filling them with herbs, layering different-colored flower herbs in them, or adding one in dried form.

Kitchen Jarred Flower herbs
Joyful Home Making

Moreover, it’s up to you whether you like to place the lid or cork to prevent dusting or let it off. Preservatives and essential oils can be used to keep them fresh and aromatic. Holes in the lid can also maintain ventilation within the jar.

You can locate them on kitchen tables, shelves, fireplaces, the back counters of the kitchen, nightstands, and anywhere else suitable to your kitchen setup.

3. Vertically mounted flower herbs

For restricted areas, placing more herbs in a smaller space, such as the gap between windows on the wall is a perfect idea. Different hang-able decorative pots are accessible in the markets.

Kitchen Vertically mounted flower herbs
  • Pegboard planter
  • Tiers
  • Boxes
  • hanging Containers
  • Several gorgeous threads and strings are used to hang properly.

4. Use of Ladder planter

Kitchen Ladder planter
Teak Lab

An older ladder with an intention to decorate is an awesome choice for planting flower herbs. It adds beauty and a fresh look, but it’s right for a larger area.

5. Zen or Japanese-style decoration

Kitchen Zen Flower Herb

Japanese-style decoration is a trend in horticulture. People prefer it because of its specific style, which displays flowers, bright-colored herbs, succulents, and stones to add serenity and calmness. You can make it in a smaller pot.

6. Sea Shell Planter

Seashells are a creative method of ornamental decoration. Different types of seashells add their specific look. For kitchen flower herbs, gravel can easily be planted in a medium-sized seashell.

7. Succulent dish decoration

Succulent dish decoration

Succulents are graceful flower herbs. Plant them in a dish and position them in front of the kitchen to make them the area’s focal point.

8. A plant stand near a window

Kitchen plant near window
The Kitchn

Keeping a plant stand near the window is the right place for flowering herbs. It enables them to use sunlight, thus maintaining their growth and freshness.

9. Teacup Herb decoration

Kitchen Teacup Herb
Honestly WTF

The teacup you don’t use anymore can be used for flower herbs in kitchen decoration, especially smaller herbs like Leoyoubei petals.

10. Herb Wreath

Kitchen Herb Wreath
DIY Beautify

Make a herb wreath and hang it in the kitchen, and the herbs dry up in the wreath, giving a gorgeous show-off with a fragrance all around. Templates for wreath making are available in the markets.

11. Mason jar decoration

Mason jar decoration

Mason jars look elegant and garden-like. Plant flower herbs in them and place them in the corners of the kitchen. If they are bigger, place them on the floor; otherwise, place them on shelves.


Freshness, aroma, and beauty are the main ingredients to refill enthusiasm when nothing chills up. Happiness glows, and flower decoration is the way that delights more than anything else with its beautiful appearance and scent.

To decorate your kitchen with beautiful flower herbs is a good idea. Try to design the area with more creativity. Use different flower herbs in various colors and make your kitchen more charming.

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