How To Design A Vintage Living Room


There’s something about a vintage interior design that makes it so tasteful and appealing. No wonder homeowners still prefer an ...

Seven striking vintage posters

Seven Striking Vintage Posters for Your Home Décor


Where do you want to come back every day? A Scandinavian, minimalist home décor with pastel walls and sleek furniture? ...

Vintage Boudoir

Top Tips To Create The Ideal Vintage Boudoir


While there will always be some people who love to embrace the latest modern trend, for many of us there ...

Georgian Doors

Can Georgian Doors Help You Revive the Vintage Look of Your House?


A new trend in the homeowner world is vintage interiors and vintage homes. These homes embody the traditional and elegant ...

vintage furniture

A Guide to Purchasing Vintage-Looking Furniture


If you want to get vintage furniture for less then why not go for furniture which has that vintage look ...

Decorate a Bedroom

How to Decorate a Bedroom Around a Vintage Quilt – All the Ins and Outs


So, you’ve found yourself a vintage quilt in the attic, restored it and want to hang it in your bedroom. ...

10 Vintage Decor Idea for Home Makeover


The home makeover is an innovating and interesting task of making our dwelling or resident look better than before. A ...

mid-century modern furniture small table home accessories

10 Mid-Century Modern Design Lessons To Remember


It may be 2016, but the resurgence of the ingenious mid-century modern design has taken us back in time, to ...

halloween bedroom decor

3 Creative Way For Interior Halloween Decorations Ideas


Halloween, it’s a fun time to dress up and get in the game. Whatever you have in mind, play with ...

nordic style decorating ideas

Nordic Decor with Vintage Touch Home Of Elisabeth Borger


Visit an Vintage Touch Nordic Decor Home of Elisabeth Borger And if we were going to the Netherlands side, in ...

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