10 Vintage Decor Idea for Home Makeover


The home makeover is an innovating and interesting task of making our dwelling or resident look better than before. A home makeover doesn’t require any sort of extraneous talents to enrich the home with absolute renaissance. Without home decors the home wouldn’t lose anything but the degree of happiness and mirth would be more when your home is decorated and renovated. People have a wrong idea that the renovation and decorating process may involve huge investment moreover, making over doesn’t depend on money instead creativity plays a key role in bringing back glory to your home.

Usage of old items can prevent you from heavy investments and at the same decorations can also be made out of unwanted scrap items too. All you need is just some inventive and colorful thoughts which would certainly transform into action endowing you with a completely refurbished home. There are several quality techniques to make your home really stupendous by making little adjustments. Let’s have a glance at them one by one.

Wall Art

Vintage Wall Art Decor Ideas
Wall art is one of the most extensive techniques used to refurbish the house. You may have empty walls which are absolutely blank and void. Such wall can be proficiently used by hanging a good number of framed photographs over it. The photographs should portray the fine and wonderful moments happened in the past. The frames of these kinds of photographs should have ample thickness not only to support the picture but also add to artistry. Keep in mind, that the photographs should not be arranged regularly on the wall in a line, square or circle format which would deliver a strict and legal outlook. An improper and random arrangement of the photo frames would be splendid.

Dining table centerpieces

Vintage Dining table centerpieces Decor Ideas
Dining tables are available in various sizes and people purchase them on the basis of the number of members in their family. There are expensive dining tables which are made up of rare wood and metals defining its fine details. But home makeover doesn’t require such expensive tables. All you need to do is to place an attractive centerpiece in the middle of the dining table. It may be a fruit bowl, fresh flowers, flower vases, traditional lamps, candles etc. associated with a tablecloth.

Indoor plants

Vintage Indoor plants Decor Ideas
Plants outside always provides freshness and relaxation to the entire world. Such plants can be brought into the room to make it more decorative. Make sure that your plant has a break free pot before bringing in to avoid messes. Sunlight is the most important factor which has an optimistic correlation with small plants. So, place the plants, where sunlight has its dominance over shade and dark. Try to find a place near the stairs, and pillars. Moreover, transparent flower vases can also be used to grow minute plants which are really showy.

Repurpose furniture

Vintage Repurpose furniture Decor Ideas
Every home would have a considerable number of broken furniture in the storeroom which sits there idle for years. You can take out that broken furniture and reshape it to another household item which would adorn the home with a fresh smile. For example, broken tables and the iron chains inside the storeroom would combine to make a fantastic swing which can be hung in your playroom or living room.

Another option is to purchase vintage furniture from an auction house or antique shop. Philips Auctions have a range of classic furniture pieces available at their regular sales such as buffets, cabinets, mahogany sideboards, timber bookcases and hardwood tables and chairs.

Amplify space

Vintage Amplify space Decor Ideas
Whatever type of homemaking you do, it would be a mere waste if there is no adequate space necessary to live. A living room should possess abundant space around the bed to walk, and to have easy access to any household devices. Each household item like chair, desk, mirror etc should be provided with a surplus volume of space around it.

Rearrange pillows

Vintage pillows Decor Ideas
The pillows are considered to be valuable treasures of the bedroom which while sleeping you cuddle softly to mitigate your grief and fatigue. The location and the design of the pillows would entirely spoil the look of your home giving an irritating feel to your bedroom. So, make sure you align your bed sheets and pillows properly once you get up from sleep. Moreover, the color and the designs on the pillow should match the bed sheet to provide an esteemed look.

Selective paints

Vintage paints Decor Ideas
Probably, each one of us would have a partially used paint bucket inside our storage room. Wouldn’t we? Once you are done with the remodeling of your damaged furniture, go for a neat and nice bright colored coat over the furniture which would enhance the outlook of the furniture. Also, try to paint the old rusty doors and outlets with that paint providing a clean and bright appearance.

Display collections

Vintage Display collections Decor Ideas
Display simply means to show the rare materials which you have stocked in your storeroom. Any antique item, plates, flower vase, historic items, ancestral properties can be very well displayed in a showcase to multiply the enjoyment of home makeover. Small vignettes can be created to keep the books, toys, electronic gadgets in it which would also award plenty of space inside the room. Make sure you choose the best ceiling fan that adds to the aesthetic appearance of the room. Whatever you choose to display in the room must blend with its overall appearance.


Vintage Carpets Decor Ideas
Adorn the floor with the appropriate carpets of exact size and texture of the couch and the chairs. Carpets when displayed on the floor, the human eye would at once be called by the carpet. Carpets are made up of various materials like jute, synthetic fabric, nylon, wool etc. Carpets which are soft to the feet are really a boon. Moreover, carpets guiding the visitor to the visitor’s sofa would prove to be an efficient outcome for a talented homemaker.

Lighted Sconces

Vintage Sconces Decor Ideas
Sconces are simple cup-shaped transparent candle holders which are installed on the wall. These sconces are available with electrical bulbs also. These sconces should be frequently cleaned and fixed on the wall. At sunset, lighting these sconces would definitely be a heart touching homemaking experience.

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