Your Guide To The Best Granite Composite Sinks


A large number of homeowners have a contemporary pedestal sink on their wish list. However, costs and maintenance issues come in the way of getting one for their homes. If you happen to be in this category, you can actually look forward to having one without having to spend as much. Yes, this is the period of composite materials, and composite granite is not just another substitute but a category of its own. Before you actually start your search, it would help to understand more about it, to get the best deal. Here is all that you need to know about kitchen sink made of composite granite.

Benefits from The process behind the making of composite granite

By virtue of being made under high pressure, composite materials are typically non-porous, highly resistant to scratches, stains and are easy to clean. As the granite is made, it offers manufacturers the options of creating designs, patterns and color combinations that can match countertops in kitchens. All granite composite sink reviews point out the fact that composite granite is comparatively cheaper than natural granite. Another advantage includes consistency in design and pattern throughout the material, which is not possible in natural granite due to the variations. As the designs are formed under high pressure, dispensers with the need for sealing, which is necessary for natural granite.

What you need to look for when making your choice?

When you browse online to pick a composite granite sink, bear in mind that you need to look at 4 different important factors, listed below.

  • Resistance to stains, discoloration, chipping and scratches – for the sink to be highly resistant, they need to be hard and nonporous.
  • Ease of maintenance – a sink that is easy to maintain will be a lot more hygienic.
  • Aesthetics – one of the reasons for choosing granite is the aesthetics, it is, therefore, important to look at the design, appeal, and compatibility with your countertop.
  • Composition – effectively this means that you are looking for greater durability. Choose a sink that features a combination of the best and harder granite dust.

Four Of The Best Picks In Composite Granite Sinks

Blanco 440194 Single 9-1/2
Blanco 440194 Single

  • Size required – 33″ (drop-in), 36″ (undermount)
  • Combination – 80% solid granite
  • Resistance – up to 536°F heat, scratches, stains, household acid cleaners
  • Thickness – 1/2 deck thickness,
  • Warranty – Limited lifetime

This model is suitable for installation in both undermount and drop-in designs. Manufactured from Silgranit, this model is able to withstand extreme temperatures. Thoughtful design concepts include the location of the drain away from the center; this means that the drain pipe beneath the sink is to one side, thereby offering additional storage space.

Kraus KGD-433B 33 1/2 inch
Kraus KGD-433B 33

  • Combination – 80% natural granite
  • Finish – thermal finishing
  • Surface quality – non-porous
  • Protected by a thermal finishing process
  • Resistance – heat, chipping, and discoloration

This model is made from 80% natural granite, which means that the look, feel and finish is that of natural stone. The basins are extra deep offering more storage space and come in a double bowl configuration. The thermal finishing process makes this extremely non-porous and highly resistant to scratches heat and any discoloration. The highlight of the design is the self-rimming, which lends a finished look to the kitchen.

Swanstone QZLS-3322.077 33-Inch
Swanstone QZLS-3322.077 33-Inch

  • Installation type – drop-in, under mount
  • Dimensions – 33 inch x 22 inch
  • Combination – 80% quartz stone
  • Suitability – retrofitting and new construction
  • Faucet/holes – one faucet hole with drillout options for four more

This model is made from 80% natural quartz stone, which means that its hardness is second to only diamonds. They are extremely durable, highly resistant to scratches due to the natural hardness and offer an elegant look. The timeless appeal makes it suitable for fitting into an existing countertop. Alternatively, it can also be used for new installation.

Blanco 441309 Performa 1.75
Blanco 441309 Performa 1.75

  • Dimensions – 33 inch x 19 inch
  • Combination – 80% rock hard granite
  • Shape/design characteristic – reversible
  • Height of divider – 6 inch
  • Depth of bowl – 10 Inch

This model is made from 80% rock hard Silgranit granite, making it one of the most resilient, with the ability to withstand temperatures up to 536 degrees. One of the stands out qualities of the design is the reversible shape which means that it can be installed as per need. It also comes with an advanced surface technology that repels liquids, which means that the surface will be drier.

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