10 Mid-Century Modern Design Lessons To Remember


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It may be 2016, but the resurgence of the ingenious mid-century modern design has taken us back in time, to the 1950s. This architectural and interior design style was hugely popular during the middle of the 20th century (hence the name), but despite the passage of time, it has remained a staple in the interior design trends to this day. Its sophisticated and uncomplicated aesthetics lend themselves so well to the modern era lifestyle, which is why it still has the power to captivate us. If you want to include mid-century modern design into your home, these are some of the lessons to remember.

Living Room Mid-Century Modern Design

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1. Bring Wood Back

Teak wood was the fundamental material in the mid-century modern furniture engineering. Other materials included rose, walnut, and oak. Combined with clean lines and simple finishes, these high-quality furnishings have a timeless appeal. There are many modern day lower-end replicas of the 50’s pieces if you cannot find or afford the originals.

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2. Include Iconic Statement Pieces

Nelson, Noguchi, Eames, Saarinen, Warhol, Hockney, Pollock, Calder, Lichtenstein… Should we go on? No other era has produced so many talented and unique household-name designers and artists as the mid-century era. Their singular and innovative ideas defined the principles of the style. Finish your room with a George Nelson clock and the entire space will immediately become true to the period.

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3. Create Indoor-Outdoor Connection

The idea of connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces is so natural today, but when it appeared back in the 1950s, it was actually quite revolutionary. Think in terms of wide windows, sliding doors, and basically any other type of window installation that does not disturb the indoor-outdoor connection.

Noguchi coffee table mi-century design living room Eames lounge chairImage Source By Dwell

4. Choose Simplicity

Mid-century interiors reflect the idea of the ease of living. Starting from furnishings and architectural elements, to décor details, it is all about simple lines and pure forms. That being said, get rid of all the excess detailing.

Cool Industrial Venice Loft With African art Home Of Pressed Juicery CEO Hayden SlaterImage Source By My Domaine

5. Go Bold With Graphic Patterns

There is nothing soft and shy about the typical mid-century modern style patterns. They are characterized by clean-cut lines, somewhat whimsical motifs, and bold geometrics, all in combination with strong, clear colours.

mid-century modern gallery wall design ideaImage Source By Style By Emily Henderson

6. Pair Neutrals with Brights

Speaking about colours, the central place is largely taken by the natural woods and white walls. However, you are invited to enrich the look with any combination of intense and saturated colours that you find suiting. Even the most unexpected ones. We suggest avocado, teal, and plum.

Yellow Ton Summer Living Room Decorating IdeasImage Source By Desire To Inspire

7. Make Your Kitchen Clean and Uncluttered

The mid-century modern movement can be described in one word – futuristic. This idea of time-travelling by means of design was most evident in the mid-century Modern Kitchens full of shiny stainless steel appliances, plain flat counter tops, laminate flooring, and bright coloured backsplash tiles.

mid-century modern Kitchen designImage Source By A Cup Of JO

8. Include a Bar

Embrace the culture of mixing drinks and sipping cocktails after a long busy day by placing a built-in bar or a bar cart in your living room. Fill it with expensive liquors, vintage glasses, and the inevitable cocktail shaker, and you will quickly step back in time.

small space bar tableImage Source By 100 Layer Cake

9. Say Yes to Wallpapers

Clean white walls were one popular choice at the time. The other choice were classy, chic wallpapers. Add a touch of glamour to your home with some glitzy wallpapers. How about the pattern? Well, bold graphics, of course.

Round Copper Wall Mirror and Wallpaper Combination Modern Living RoomImage Source By Barker & Stone House

10. Bring Drama In

The lightning fixtures of the era were hugely reminiscent of sculptural art pieces. Yet, their functionality and the quality of light should still be your primary concern. Keep in mind that fixtures such as Sputnik chandeliers are very striking and having one such piece in a room is enough to add drama to the space.

Cowhide Rug Under Dining Simple Round TableImage Source Buy New Darlings

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