Five Kitchen Design Ideas To Create Ultimate Entertaining Space


Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen is the place where most of the women have spend their lot of time, so why not making this little entertaining. So here we are talking about interesting kitchen design ideas which can make you enthusiastic to spend time in kitchen. Because you know kitchen is the foremost part of the house. When it comes to home design one thing on just about every homeowner’s mind is the latest kitchen trends. The kitchen really is the heart of a home, and in many cases it’s also where the bulk of the entertaining happens.

Have you ever thrown a party and realized half way through that many guests are congregating in the kitchen? No matter how well you stage other spaces around home, kitchen always seems to be the hot spot for mingling. Instead of trying to fight it, many homeowners are now embracing the kitchen as a place for entertaining.

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Here are a few tips kitchen design ideas to create ultimate entertainment space.

Go the Extra Mile With Appliances Made for Entertaining

Homeowners that are serious about entertaining in the kitchen go the extra mile with high-quality products like a small Manitowoc ice machine and an undercounter wine or beer cooler. It’s all about having the right tools and equipment to keep guests well-fed and refreshed.

When you are investing in non-traditional kitchen appliances quality remains a top concern. And of course, stainless steel is still the trendiest finish for all types of appliances.

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Keep the Space Open

One reason why kitchens are now an entertainment space is because floor plans have changed over the years. Several decades ago the kitchen was closed off to the living areas and was its own isolated space. Because it was closed off it wasn’t easy for guests to congregate in the kitchen.
The takeaway is the more open you make your kitchen the better it is for entertaining. When there’s a natural flow from the living room to the kitchen people will be more inclined to hang out where you cook. The same holds true for kitchens that are open to the outdoor living areas, which is another place guests like to go.

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Add a Screen

Whether it’s a Super Bowl party, movie night or an impromptu get together, televisions have a way of becoming the center of attention. Usually you’ll find flat screens affixed to a wall in the living room, but there’s no rule that says you can’t have one in the kitchen.

Today’s DVRs make it possible to get all of your regular programming on any TV in the home no matter where it’s located. Another benefit for the chef in the family is having the ability to follow along with a cooking show while preparing a meal. For the most entertainment options go with a smart TV that can sync with your wireless Internet and stream online media instantly on screen.

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Improve the Lighting Options

Lighting sets the mood of a room. With the flip of a switch, you can go from stark task lighting over the counters to soft ambient lighting. That’s similar to a restaurant. Luckily there are ways to expand your lighting options without hiring an electrician. A few ideas include:

Smart Light Bulbs or Lamp : Options like the Phillips Hue Connected Bulb can be dimmed or emit a different color using a smart phone app. And you can also using lamp top on island of kitchen.

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Rope Lighting Around the Cabinets : Rope lights are a great source of stylish ambient lighting when they’re added above or below the cabinets.

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Stick on Lights : Add light virtually anywhere in the kitchen with stick on lights. These push button lights have a sticky back that adheres anywhere.

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Portable, Customizable Accent Light : Flexible lighting is taken to the max with products like the Rite Light portable accent light. The three LED lights of the hub can be pivoted to direct illumination in a certain way, dimmed or even connected to a motion sensor.

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Make Use of an Island

If you have an open floor plan a kitchen island can easily be added if you don’t already have one. Islands not only make a kitchen more functional they also make them better for entertaining. An island can be used like a table offering additional seating for guests by simply adding bar stools. It can also double as a buffet where the food and refreshments are kept. A kitchen island will also give you additional space for under-counter appliances like the coolers mentioned above.

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If entertaining is a priority in your house. Than tips above will help you turn one of the most used spaces into a place where guests feel at home.

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