5 Common Mistakes To Avoid In Bathroom Renovation & Design

Bathroom renovation & design can add true value to your home. A new, stylish bathroom will also lift spirits and will give you a new room where you can relax in relative peace and quiet. It is so much more than just a functional room, it is for candlelit baths and hot showers after a hard day’s work.

However, it is very easy to make simple renovation mistakes when both planning and carrying out a Bathroom Renovation. The bathroom contains a lot of crucial and expensive equipment which can result in long-term damage and repairs if things go wrong – plumbing is not something you really want to mess with. To avoid making any bathroom renovation mistakes or ensuring you choose the right appliances for your bathroom, doing your research won’t hurt one bit. This will make it so much easier for you in the long run. It is important to remember that you don’t have to do things alone, even if it is as simple as picking what sink or what toilet will complement your bathroom. Why not take a look at some of the more common bathroom renovation mistakes if you have something currently in the works, as a means of knowing what not to do.

We look into five common bathroom renovation mistakes which can be time-consuming and expensive to fix.

1. Bad Ventilation

When a bathroom is badly ventilated, not only does the air feel stuffy and uncomfortable, it can also spell disaster for condensation and mold when looking at long-term issues. A bathroom that is not properly ventilated is likely to suffer from a build-up of condensation, and condensation in a hot room is a breeding ground for mold and other bacteria. Getting proper ventilation not only prevents the need for expensive repairs, it also clears the air in the room, making it a more pleasant place to be, which is one of the things you want to look for in a bathroom.

Bathroom windows with ventilation

2. Lack of Storage Space

You have an extravagant bathroom with delicate appliances, beautiful accessories and a cute little cup holder for your toothbrushes and toothpaste – but what about space for your towels and other toiletries? A good bathroom needs to have a fair amount of storage space, including storage space for bathroom cleaning tools, and extra supplies (toilet roll!). It is just convenient to have everything bathroom related right there, to hand. Storage space doesn’t always have to translate to ‘big brash cupboard full of everything we need’, it can be sleek and subtle. Talk to an interior designer if you are not sure about where to put your storage space.

bathroom Storage Space

3. Putting a Freestanding Bath in a Corner/Against a Wall

Freestanding baths are supposed to make a statement. Not only will they fail to attract the right amount of aesthetic appreciation and attention, putting a freestanding bath in a corner or against a wall will trap water droplets and dust. These can quickly turn into mold and soon enough you’ll have a full-scale problem on your hands. Freestanding baths are not built to be forced into a corner, so if they are not accessible from all areas, you are likely to get a build-up of mold over time; something you never want in a bathroom.

bathroom Freestanding Bath in a Corner

4. Lack of Natural Light

One might think that an abundance of artificial light is all you need to create a beautiful bathroom. It is light, surely where it comes from doesn’t matter…right? Studies have shown that if you add natural light to a room, it helps to make the room appear more welcoming, as well as lifting the overall mood. Having an open window carrying in a pleasant breeze also makes a wonderful addition to a bubble-bath. Natural light is supposed to make you feel more relaxed, in ways that artificial light cannot. Taking this natural light away can make an otherwise acceptable bathroom look suffocating or even bland and it is an unfortunate mistake that many homeowners tend to make.

bathroom Natural Light

5. Improper Appliance Installation

If you try to cut corners by hiring ‘friends’ or inexperienced family members when applying your bathroom appliances, prepare to fork out a bit more than you had initially bargained for. There is no replacement for qualified work when looking at installing bathroom appliances, particularly those connected with plumbing works. Registered and insured tradespeople have measures set in place that protect you against any issues occurring with the job. If you get Frank from down the road to fit your toilet, if anything goes wrong it will have to come out of your pocket, unfortunately.

Bathroom Appliances

For the information in this post, The Brighton Bathroom Company were consulted.

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