A Guide to Purchasing Vintage-Looking Furniture

If you want to get vintage furniture for less then why not go for furniture which has that vintage look but doesn’t come with the vintage price tag. There are plenty of replica pieces out there to be had which will add a touch of class to your home without denting your wallet.

When choosing vintage or vintage-look furniture there are a few things to take into account to make sure you still end up with a quality piece of furniture which will last and be completely functional, as well as looking attractive and fitting in with your overall décor.

Buying online

Firstly you need to decide where you are going to buy your furniture from. You can go online to vintage or unusual furniture stores to have a look and maybe even look at furniture online auctions. You will have a vast choice but there are risks with buying furniture online.
Buying online

Always check the size online

Make sure you look at the size so you don’t end up buying dolls house or miniature furniture by mistake – sellers are not always accurate in their basic descriptions! It’s also impossible to tell the quality and condition of something from an online photo.

You don’t want to end up with something that turns out to be damaged and useless. Another aspect to consider when buying online is the cost of the postage, as many pieces of furniture can be incredibly heavy so it could turn out to be rather costly.

Buying in vintage shops

The other option is to look for vintage and second-hand furniture shops in your area. You can try to find charity shops, auctions and car boot sales as great places to scour the corners for unusual and unique pieces of furniture to add to your collection.
Buying in vintage shops

Check for repairs

When choosing furniture make sure it has been looked after and won’t require completely re-upholstering or repairing as that could cost you more than you pay for it in the first place. Look for relatively cheap but well cared for items.

Make sure the pieces you are considering are good and solid, so check for wobbles, make sure drawers slide in and out with ease and make sure the frames are all sturdy. Don’t buy plastic which is about to crack due to its age.

Don’t bother with brand names only

Don’t stick with brand names for this type of furniture you are looking for designer homeware which are good quality and look vintage so don’t worry about the brand name. It might be cheaper while still being well-built and strong.

Check for quality issues

Make sure the pieces you are considering are well-built with good workmanship. You don’t want anything that is poorly made and might fall apart. Go for something that is well-made and sturdy as well as meeting the look that you are going for.

Don’t worry too much about surface scratches, you can use these to bargain down the price and they can also be repaired so if it’s a piece that you really like and really want to buy then use scratches as a bargaining chip and then remove them later.

Will it fit into your house?

It’s also important to make sure the furniture you are going to buy will actually fit within the space in your home as it can be hard to tell size just by looking at an online picture or seeing the piece out of context in a shop front. Measure your room and make sure you know just how much space you have to play with.
Will it fit into your house

Change the purpose of the furniture

Feel free to change the purpose of the furniture you are using, for example, by a vintage-style trunk or chest to use as a coffee table, and use an old-style small table as your nightstand. Giving vintage-looing pieces a new purpose in life can help to transform your room.

Buy pieces which match your style

Make sure any piece you buy matches the overall look and décor of your room – there is no point buying a piece which then is completely out of place with the rest of your furniture or style.

As you can see, buying vintage-style furniture can really add to the character of your home and is widely available both from online specialist stores as well as on the high street in charity and second-hand shops so by following this guide you can ensure you don’t end up with damaged pieces which will cost a fortune in repairs.

It’s also important to make sure you only buy pieces which go well with the rest of your décor and colour scheme and will enhance everything you are trying to achieve within your home rather than clash with it.

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