How To Design A Vintage Living Room


There’s something about a vintage interior design that makes it so tasteful and appealing. No wonder homeowners still prefer an ‘antique vibe’ when designing their humble abode. After all, contemporary styles come and go. But vintage will always be timeless.  

If you’re looking for a living room style that makes a lasting impression on anyone visiting your home, how about adding a vintage touch here and there? It’s about time you embrace the old soul in you and experiment with different ideas and styling tips for your living space.  

You don’t need to live in a Victorian home to exude a vintage feel. Take a cue from these tips and tricks to design a vintage living room that’ll add an eclectic appeal to your cozy home.

Find The Perfect Sofa

Considering that your sofa is the focal point of your lounge area, choosing a mid-century piece is a great way to infuse your living space with a strong vintage feel. Look for a long design with a slightly lower back height. This is because a horizontal feel is the most crucial component of the perfect vintage sofa. 

luxury moody living room with chesterfield couch

Specifically, you want a distinctive piece defined by beautiful upholstery and deep button tuftings, such as the Chesterfield lounge, that comes in different styles, colors, materials, and heights. 

Aside from a sofa or lounge, you can add a few classic ottomans to accentuate the living room. Use the ottoman or stool as a coffee table or just something to hold your feet up while relaxing. Comfortably stylish, right? 

Put Up A Large Piece Of Artwork

Make your vintage living room more captivating by adding bold and large artwork that can serve as another interesting focal point. If you have an empty wall space above your sofa or the fireplace, that’s the perfect location for it.  

A great way to add personal flair to your vintage living room is with quirky art. Even better if you can find pre-owned items at a flea market or thrift shop with some history. Place it above your sofa or mantelpiece to make a big statement about the overall aesthetic of your space. If you’re in the mood for art, try to create a piece of your own!

Go For Dramatic Lighting

A simple but dramatic interior lighting update can make a difference when designing a vintage living room. You can make the space appear spacious, warm, and elegantly inviting with the right placement. Mismatched pendant lights and luxe chandeliers are an excellent start to amplify the retro feel in your home.

Choose bulbs that emit warm rather than cool light. Better yet, look for bulbs with a color-changing feature so you can customize them to your needs at any time. Rather than shying away from exposed fixtures and pipes, consider embracing their industrial appeal. You might be surprised to realize how doing so can add more to the vintage ambiance. 

Embrace Your Inner Maximalist 

Behind a vintage living room is a maximalist, always thinking of ways to reinvent the space as much as possible. If this sounds like you, you’ve got to embrace your nature and let your inner flair for sophistication show. In most cases, vintage means going all out with accents, essentials, and statement pieces. 

Think of your living room as the ultimate conversation zone where you can create memories and entertain people. So, it makes sense to fill it with treasures and pieces that speak so much history and the things that matter to everyone at home. Imagine how charming it would look to add a ladder-style bookcase, rugs and pillows in geometric patterns, and cubbies overflowing with trinkets and other decorative objects. 

Go For Vintage Color Schemes 

Vintage hues are soft tones with an air of tradition and gentleness. The three most prominent ones are beige, moss green, and brown. 

Use the beige color throughout your vintage living room, from the furniture to the carpet and wall paint, to evoke a feeling of elegance, lightness, and a tinge of escapism. 

Although these colors are typical in vintage homes, don’t hesitate to bring in a splash of fun and vibrancy. Combine rich and bold color schemes to add character to the space. Think emerald green wall paint that compliments weathered wood finishes and metallic accents. Throw in accent pillows, rugs, and carpet in bright patterns, and voila: a swoon-worthy vintage living room.

Luxury interior of home library. Sitting room with elegant furni

Give Your Home The Perfect Old-Timey Look 

When done right, a vintage living room can be an elegant statement that makes your home feel and look more sophisticated. Whether you’re building a new house or just remodeling your space, you can turn to the tips above to design the living space of your dreams.

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