7 HVAC Installation Mistakes To Avoid


When installed properly, the best heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system offers excellent indoor air quality and thermal comfort for you and your family. It keeps your home cool or warm when faced with extreme weather conditions.

Unfortunately, some people make mistakes during installation, which can compromise your HVAC’s efficiency and performance. This is why you must consider professional heating and cooling services and other expert solutions to ensure installation is done properly.

If you plan to install a new HVAC system, here are the common mistakes to avoid:

Hiring An Inexperienced HVAC Installer

One of the mistakes that most homeowners make when installing an HVAC system is hiring an inexperienced installer. Remember that your HVAC system is a huge investment. You don’t want to waste your resources because of hiring inexperienced installers.

When searching for professionals or companies specializing in heating and cooling services Wetumpka, AL, you should work with those who know what they’re doing. Your chosen HVAC installers must be skilled and highly experienced. This way, you can guarantee they can get the job done correctly without any errors.

Before you hire any installer, it may be handy to do background research. Check testimonials and reviews to gain more insights about your preferred professional and to make a well-informed decision.

Ignoring Registers And Vents

Your HVAC system requires a network of vents, registers, and ducts that channel air out and inside your house. For an HVAC system to be more efficient, it needs to breathe.

If you have improperly installed or wrong-sized vents, constricted airflow, and closed-off ductwork, it may result in an inefficient HVAC system. It may cost you money and lead to major repairs in the long run. A perfect solution is to hire an HVAC contractor who knows proper ductwork installation and vent placement.

Installing The Wrong HVAC System

Choosing an HVAC system with the right size is critical to avoid problems. Fortunately, there are various ways to find a perfect-fit HVAC system. One of these is to ask for help from a knowledgeable professional who can give reliable suggestions. Since the selection process can be confusing due to the varying sizes of HVAC systems, a professional’s assistance may save you time and money.

Getting an HVAC system too small may not meet your preferred cooling and heating needs. On the other hand, a unit that’s too big may only consume more power, causing a spike in your energy bills.

Creating A Wrong Air Flow Design

Improper airflow design may hamper your unit’s efficiency. Typically, it causes uneven temperature in your home, which you may find uncomfortable. It can also lead to expensive heating bills since uneven temperature often makes your unit consume more energy. Over time, it may strain your HVAC, affecting its average lifespan.

If you don’t want to buy a new HVAC replacement sooner than expected, hire professionals to create a proper airflow design. This way, you won’t deal with other issues after the installation, allowing you to enjoy savings.

Placing Thermostat Improperly

Most people think placing thermostats anywhere is fine, but it’s not. Your thermostat serves as the control center of your HVAC system, allowing you to control the temperature in your house. This is why you need to install a thermostat in the right spot.

If you install it in a place where it’s colder, or there’s more sunlight, you might not get an accurate reading of your home’s temperature. So, find the right spot for thermostat placement for better temperature control. If you can’t figure out where to install your thermostat, look for qualified technicians to help you put it in an optimum spot to keep your house comfortable.

Buying The Cheapest Unit

When it comes to HVAC installation, you need to plan your budget to choose a quality and durable unit. It’s because purchasing the cheapest system in the market may only waste your investment. Regardless of your budget, avoid buying a cheap HVAC if you don’t want to deal with various problems in the future.

A cheap HVAC system is often inefficient, compromising temperature control and air quality. It also has poor-quality components, which may break down easily. Choosing a quality-made HVAC system ensures that it’ll last longer and won’t cause any inconvenience as long as you install it correctly.

Running The HVAC System Continuously

The other HVAC installation mistake to avoid is running your unit continuously. Keeping your HVAC system running all day long is unnecessary, particularly when you’re not home. Luckily, you can avoid this mistake by installing a programmable thermostat. An excellent thermostat regulates your HVAC’s usage, reducing energy bills and keeping your unit efficient.


New HVAC installation can cost you big time. If you don’t want to waste your time and money, make sure to understand the different HVAC installation mistakes to avoid. Moreover, avoid doing it yourself and hire professionals to ensure a quality installation.

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