Tips for Choosing Perfect Wedding Flowers

If choosing a gown is difficult, then you have not experienced what choosing wedding flowers means. There are more than a million species of flowers with different scents to choose from. Trusting suppliers with timely flower delivery has also been unreliable. No one will want to spoil the show on their big day. Therefore, what should you do for your wedding flowers to be on point and create a perfect memory? It would be best if you also had it in mind that flowers are the biggest players in setting the mood for the whole occasion. The following tips can be beneficial when handling flowers for a wedding:

Have a clear budget.

Flowers carry the day for the entire wedding ceremony, making colouring it different form a funeral. It, therefore, means that you will need to make a significant investment on the same to have the best flowers. In your budget, you should also consider different types of flowers, such as roses. Also, if your supplier does not provide for perfect storage facilities, then the budget needs to cover for storage too. However, the event is about many things, and you should be keen not to spend all your money on flowers.
Have a clear budget.

Align with the wedding theme

The theme does not only revolve around the clothes that the groomsmen and the maid put on but on the event’s location too. It would be best if you got flowers that perfectly blend with nature and the clothes colour so that you avoid colour clashing. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event, which makes it a significant occasion that for sure you don’t want to ruin by a mix of shoddy colours. For help on this, you can consult with your florist so that you have a touch of expertise and professionalism in that decision.

Chose nice scent

As they say, not all that glitters is gold. This applies flowers as not all that look good smell good. Don’t research on flowers by their beautiful names but rather their properties. A lovely purple flower may smell like a dumpsite, while a dull one smells like heaven. It doesn’t mean that you should go for dull flowers, but you must do thorough homework before placing the orders. It will be so absurd being caught with surprise on the day of the wedding when you can hardly do a thing about it.

Consider seasons

Different flowers bloom on specific seasons to get the best of their brightness and scent. When planning for the wedding, you need to consider the season and have the possible species in mind. For instance, there are types of flowers that are only available during winter and vice versa. On this note, it will be wise choosing a date that coincides with a season that has the right flowers in terms of your taste, style and preference.

Pre-order early

You don’t need to wait on the morning of the wedding day so that you can place your order. In fact, if it is within reach, you should place the order several months way before the actual wedding date.

Giving your florist the opportunity to source for the flowers earlier will increase the likelihood of having the best flowers. Placing orders early also prevents late and wrong deliveries as the florist will have more time to focus on your order.

Having the perfect flower match for your wedding can make the whole event more remarkable than memorable. Marriage is a one-time thing and you are entitled to all the reasons and tips you need to have a perfect flower collection for the same.

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