Three Trendy Ways to Light your Dining Room

Today’s dining rooms have evolved into all-purpose spaces. From homework hubs to family gathering spots, dining rooms are places where people come together throughout the day to eat, talk, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company.

While dining rooms may be distinct in some of the functions they serve, they share at least one common element with all the other rooms of your home: the need for lighting. A well-planned and executed interior lighting design scheme can improve both the form and function of the space.

If you’re looking to enhance your dining room with lighting, here’s a closer look at three chic ways to do so:

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1. Make a Chandelier the Centerpiece

All spaces should have a focal point. By this, we mean the part of the room that the eye travels to first. Many different items can serve as a focal point, such as artwork, an accent wall, or a beautiful piece of furniture. One of our favorite types of focal points? A gorgeous chandelier.

When it comes to using lighting as a centerpiece, there are some things to keep in mind. For starters, focal points are designed to be admired and noticed. As such, a dining room chandelier should be of ample size to make an impression within the scale of the room. In rooms with high ceilings, chandeliers can also be used to fill open space and create a more intimate and inviting feel. However, you should avoid low-hanging chandeliers, as these can make rooms feel small and cluttered. Meanwhile, in especially low rooms, flush mount fixtures can have the same impact as a chandelier without the risk of overpowering the space.

One rule of thumb when choosing lighting is to look for fixtures that coordinate with and complement your decor. The right chandelier won’t just illuminate your dinner room – it will also enhance the overall appearance and style of your home.

2. Use Multiple Pendant Lamps

Another way to make a statement with your dining room lighting design is to use multiple hanging pendant lights rather than incorporating a single chandelier. Depending on the effect you have in mind, these can be spaced out symmetrically or in groups.

As with chandeliers, pendant lights are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Whether your desired aesthetic is sleek and chic or casual and charming, the right pendant lighting can enhance and elevate the look and feel of your dining room. Additionally, the style of pendant light you choose can also impact the type and quality of light. For example, opaque metal will provide more direct, downward focused illumination while transparent glass will offer a more diffused glow.

3. Work with Wall Sconces

General light fixtures like chandeliers and pendant lights may come to mind first when we think of dining room lighting. However, the best lighting plans are layered. This means that they incorporate a mix of three basic lighting types: general, task, and accent.

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Wall sconces offer a winning combination of both general and accent lighting. In larger dining rooms, adding sconces on either side of the room will work with ceiling fixtures to provide optimal coverage. In smaller spaces or for more intimate events and gatherings, interior wall lights can be used on their own to provide subtle and romantic accent lighting.

One related lighting tip from interior designers is to use dimmers within your dining spaces. Interior lighting design experts swear by dimmer switches because of the variable control they offer. Need brighter light for paying bills or helping with homework? Turn the lights up. Need softer illumination for a relaxing meal or dinner party? You can easily set the mood by dimming the lights.

Dining rooms are spaces where people come together to connect while sharing a meal and conversation. In this sense, they’re about much more than eating. When it comes to choosing the perfect dining room floor lamp or flush mount lighting for your dining room, the importance of careful selection cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, many homeowners under-budget for lighting in their homes – which can lead to an inferior end result. This is why so many interior designers recommend seeking out high-end lighting. In decorating your home with the very best lighting you can afford, you’re not just investing in your quality of light, but also in your quality of life in your home.

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