The Basics of Fiberglass Pool Installation

There are 3 basic types of inground pools: concrete, vinyl lined and fiberglass. Concrete pools allow design flexibility but the freeze/thaw cycle can be tough on concrete. That means you run the risk of your very expensive concrete pool developing cracks over time. A situation that could lead to equally expensive repairs and potentially much worse. Vinyl-lined inground pools come […]

Know Your Swimming Pool Types and Styles

So you are thinking of installing a swimming pool at home? If you’ve never bought or built a pool before, then you need to know there are a lot of factors that have to be taken into consideration. Unless you are only thinking of a kiddies’ pool, this is likely to be a big investment, so an understanding of all […]

Why Should You Build a Swimming Pool?

It’s the 21st century, off-days are limited and working hours are exponential. You and everyone around you seem to be overworked and underpaid. Everyone’s life revolves around work and some people spend almost all their time inside the office. In such a lifestyle, even a moment spent away from work life is a moment to cherish. This hectic work life […]

8 Tips on Decorating Your Pool Area

A well-designed home has different vibes to every section of the house and the backyard pool is supposed to give off an aura of relaxation because that’s where everyone will head over to unwind and relax after a hot day at work or school. To help you keep the pool and the surrounding area looking as good and relaxing as […]