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Swimming Pool Or Beach? Here Are 10 Reasons Why Owning A Pool Is Better Then The Beach!

You want to enjoy a swim. You may be wondering why you should own a pool if you want to enjoy a swim. Why not go to the beach instead?

There are plenty of reasons why owning a pool is a far better idea than going to a beach.

1. Good for learners.

Swimming on a beach is for professional swimmers. A beach is not the place to learn swimming. Swimming on a beach can be extremely unsafe if you are a novice.

You can use your pool to learn swimming. Pools have shallow ends where children and inexperienced swimmers can swim. You can safely use the pool with your family. You tend to get lost among the crowds on a large beach.

2. Absolute privacy.

A beach is a public place. You may have to put up with people who comment on your body or your swimming costume. You have no control over the people who come to the beach.

A swimming pool in your backyard is your own private space. The pool area can be made more private by using fences or plants. You have full control over who uses your pool. This gives you complete privacy to experiment with your attire or swimming styles.

3. You can play games.

It is extremely difficult to play games in the water on a beach. The presence of outsiders creates problems of coordination. The ocean may take your ball or accessories further than you like.

You can play games undisturbed in your private pool. There are plenty of pool games for adults and children. The pool water is calmer. You won’t have trouble finding your accessories. Whatever you put in the pool will remain in the pool or backyard.

4. The whole family can participate.

Older people in the family may not enjoy a beach outing. It may leave them tired with no place to rest. It can be difficult to monitor energetic children on the beach.

Your pool can be a perfect place for a family to get together. Seniors can swim a few laps and then lounge in the pool. If they do not wish to swim then they can just sit near the pool and enjoy the fun and games. Fibreglass pools come furnished with steps and ledges. You can also place furniture inside and outside the pool for added convenience.


5. It is safer.

Ocean waves can be unpredictable. Climate changes can affect the intensity and strength of the waves. They can be dangerous even for experienced swimmers. Oceans also have various types of marine life which can be harmful.

You don’t have to worry about depth when you are swimming in your backyard pool. There are no large waves which will unexpectedly drag you down. If you get tired while swimming you can sit and rest on the steps or ledges in the pool.

6. The water is clean.

The water in the ocean gets polluted due to natural debris, dead marine life and pollution from industrial activities. Some people even develop allergies due to the sand and salty water. If children swallow the water in the ocean it can be harmful to them. The temperature of the water may not be suitable for you. You cannot regulate the temperature of the ocean water.

You know the quality of water in your private pool. You can be assured that your children are swimming in safe water. You have full control over the chemicals and disinfectants added to the water. You can also control the temperature of the water. During the cold season, you can heat your pool. A swim in a hot pool will be beneficial for your joints and muscles.

7. The children can be supervised.

Chasing energetic children on a large beach can be a nightmare. It is easy to lose sight of the children due to the crowds and open spaces. Swimming unsupervised in the ocean can be unsafe for the children. Even a moment’s neglect can lead to accidents.

It is easy to supervise the children in your backyard. The pool can be constructed in such a location where it is visible from the house. Children can use the shallow end of the pool. You can lounge in the pool when children are using the pool. Children won’t be able to tolerate cold water. You can heat the pool when children are using it.


8. You do not waste time in commuting and planning.

A visit to the beach involves planning, packing food and transportation to reach the beach. You have to set aside time and energy for these activities. A beach visit can take up your whole day. If the beach is located at a distance then commuting can take more time. And you end up feeling tired after the whole day’s activity.

Using your backyard pool does not need any planning or coordination with family members. You can walk out of your house and take a dip into the pool. You can return to your work or daily activities whenever you want.

9. You can use your pool daily.

If you intend to pursue swimming as a daily exercise then going to the beach is not an option. You cannot go to the beach daily for a swim.

You can use your pool daily for exercising. Swimming is a stress-free exercise which tones your body and improves cardiovascular health.

10. You can use your pool for any duration and at any time of the day.

Once you have reached the beach you are obliged to spend some amount of time there to make up for the time spent in commuting and planning. Spending a very short duration at the beach will look like a waste of time and resources. The beaches close after certain hours. You have to plan the beach outing within stipulated hours.

You can use your backyard pool for five minutes or five hours depending on the free time at your disposal. You can swim a few laps at your pool or you can lounge in the pool with a book. You can swim in your backyard pool at any time of the day or night without worrying about the commute back home.

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