Some Helpful Tips to Keep Your Pool Pest Free This Summer



Summer means spending more time by the poolside. Poolside is an attractive place not only for humans but also for pests. Pests are easily attracted to water resources. Pests can destroy your swimming experience. Thankfully, there are numerous ways to keep pests away from the pool.

1. Lighting and pests.

Lights can attract pests to your pool. Place lights at a distance from the pool. Turn off the lights when not in use. Ensure that the lights are facing away from the water and they do not reflect on the water. Replace your UV lights with LED lights. Avoid keeping the pool lights on throughout the night.

Install yellow lights if you plan to use the swimming pool in the evening or at night. Bugs do not come near yellow lights as it hinders their vision.

2. Installing traps.

Mosquito traps can be installed to get rid of insects. Lights can be set up at some distance from the pool and the mosquito traps can be placed below the lights to lure the insects. There are propane-powered devices and UV devices available to trap insects. They work well to destroy the insects coming near your pool.

3. Place an automatic misting system.

Misting systems spray pesticides automatically or they can be activated by remote or switch. You can install these systems yourself after following the manufacturer’s guidelines. But they are a health hazard and difficult to maintain.

Another option is an automatic sprinkler system, which sprays water over the pool when it detects motion. This is great for keeping ducks off your pool and comes without the health hazards.

4. Invest in a pool cover.

Cover your pool when not in use. It will prevent rodents and other pests from entering your pool. Avoid water from accumulating above your pool cover.

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5. Trim the plants near your pool.

Don’t place plants near the pool. Trim any overgrowing plants or shrubs near the pool. Overgrown grass and weeds can be a safe place for pests to breed. Mosquitoes take shelter in thick vegetation during summer. Mow grass growing near the pool. Clear all the weeds and wild grass. Cut any branches hanging over the pool. They may drop insects into the pool. You can plant herbs such as garlic, rosemary, and mint near your pool. These work as natural insect repellents.

6. Clear out any water reservoirs near your pool.

A pond or any other water source like leaking taps, old tires, toys and empty flower pots can be a great breeding ground for mosquitoes. Clear these water bodies immediately. If your backyard has water bodies like a birdbath and courtyard fountain, you cannot clearly spray larvicide inside them. This will kill any larvae growing inside these water bodies. Stagant water bodies if left unattended, become breeding ground for mosquitoes.

7. Install bug zappers.

Bug zappers do a good job of killing flies, insects and mosquitoes that come near

them. Electric bug zappers available in various sizes can easily blend in with your landscape.

8. Using essential oils and herbs to deter pests.

If you are worried about the side effects of using too many pesticides then try essential oils. Essential oils like cinnamon oil, peppermint essential oil, vanilla and tea tree oil can be mixed with water and sprayed around the pool area.

Herbs such as sage, catnip and citronella leaves can also be rubbed on the patio and outdoor furniture to keep pests away. Putting chopped garlic and onions immersed in a bowl of water near your pool area is a good method of keeping pests away.

9. Using smoke to keep pests away.

Certain smell repels insects. You can burn special scents near your pool to keep bugs away. Fire and smoke are also a good insect repellant. Putting herbs such as sage, rosemary, mint leaves and lavender in your fire pit is a good idea to ward off insects.

Keep Your Pool Pest Free2

10. Creating a birdhouse in your pool area.

Birds are known to eat insects and bugs. Setting up birdhouses near your pool area will encourage birds to reside near your pool. They look attractive and the birds will eat grasshoppers, moths and ants approaching your pool.

11. Setting up a fence.

Enclosing your pool area with fences is a good idea to keep pests away. Fences are available in different shapes and sizes. They look attractive and provide added safety for your pool area.

If you want to avoid expensive fences then patio curtains or nets are a good idea to keep pests away. Patio curtains will partially cover the pool area. They can be used to cover the seating area. Mosquito netting will require you to find an umbrella or canopy to attach the net securely.

12. Keep food away from your pool.

Food acts as a magnet for pests and rodents. Pick up any food items dropped near the pool. After any outdoor party clear the food from the pool area as soon as possible. Ensure that dog food, trash cans, recycling bins and greasy BBQ grills are not placed near your pool. Don’t place your backyard composter near your pool.

13. Keep chlorine levels in your pool stable.

Mosquitoes won’t lay eggs in pool water with good chlorine levels. Insects won’t be able to survive in such water. Check your pool water for proper chlorine levels.

14. Skimp and brush your pool.

Algae attract insects. If there are dead insects floating on the surface of your pool then they will attract more insects to your pool. Brush off any algae on the surface of your pool. Algae tend to stick to concrete surfaces. Fibreglass pools are easier to clean. Clean any algae or dirt inside your pool. Vacuum the dislodged debris after brushing your pool.

15. Keep your pool area clean.

Don’t dump things in your pool area. Remove any old tires, pool toys, pet bowls, and broken flower pots lying around. Keep things under lock and key. Pests won’t be attracted to clean surroundings.

If all the above methods fail, then don’t hesitate to call professionals to control pests. They will suggest suitable pest removal methods for your Fibreglass Pool.

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