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Christmas and the Holidays Are Fast Approaching- Here Are Some Fantastic Ways To Entertain Around Your Pool!

This year has been unusual and strange in more ways than one. It has been a challenging time for many, but several folks have come out winning battles, personal and on a larger global scale. The pandemic has taken a huge toll on many people, and with the holidays on, many want to celebrate. The celebration is not just because the holidays are here. It’s because this year, they want to celebrate life. Being with family and close friends is high on everyone’s priority list. What better way than to have a party by your beautiful Fibreglass Pool?

Logistically Speaking

Entertaining guests is no easy walk in the park. There’s a lot to consider and ponder. It’s quite the normal thing, especially with near and dear ones, for guests to walk in and walk out at different times. In such cases, you may have to alternate meal times and adapt. In Australia, with the weather pleasant enough to have a lovely pool party in winter, your Fibreglass pool can be used for a great celebration.

Advantages of Christmas Pool Parties

Clearly, pool entertaining has a number of benefits. Hosting a Christmas gathering in your own backyard gives you a more spacious area to accommodate guests. Interiors may seem a bit cramped when you’re having fun with a load of other people. You can have more guests over, and they can be seated comfortably, while some will spend time in the pool. Plastic chairs offer a great seating option for poolside parties, and they don’t take up too much space while storing them – they can be stacked.

Having a party besides your Fibreglass pool is also great because it cuts party costs considerably. For indoor entertaining, you most likely have to turn on the air-conditioning. At a pool party, this is eliminated. The inside of your house remains clean, as most guests will be having a whale of a time outside. There’ll be no muddy shoe prints along walkways and porches. Most houses have a side gate that goes directly to the backyard. You can request guests to use that, so they don’t have to traverse the inside of the house.


Casual Entertainment

By organizing a party by your Fibreglass pool, you can maintain a casual atmosphere at your party. Although many people are all for great pool party barbecues, see that electric appliances aren’t close to the water area. This can be unsafe. The reason why people like this idea is that it gives the host an opportunity to be with friends, while still preparing the food. Also, guests chip in to help, as everyone is in a casual mood.

Keep it Clean

With a casual atmosphere all around, you can use paper plates and cups to serve food and beverages in. It’s a good idea to use plastic cutlery too. All this can be disposable, with bins strategically placed. Using paper and plastic is also safe in a pool area, as you don’t want other materials, like glass, breaking. No metal objects, like sharp knives, should be in the pool’s vicinity either. Your Fibreglass pool is the showstopper here, and you don’t want any room for untoward incidents.

Christmas Cheer by the Pool

The idea of a pool party in winter is to bring Christmas to your backyard pool area. Here are some tips to decorate your backyard so that pool entertaining is filled with the Christmas spirit:

  • Your poolside will likely have plants. You can wrap tinsel around them. Keep the color scheme uniform, so you can have gold and red, or red and silver with green thrown in.
  • Hang some fairy lights around your pool area. You can have these in lines around a fence. Again, be sure to see that no wires or plug boxes are near wet spots.
  • Wreaths look nice on back doors as well as on flat surfaces like walls.
  • Balloons in Christmas colors look great and add festive cheer.

The Christmas Table

Everyone who has entertained and played host at Christmas knows there is nothing as impressive as a great looking Christmas table. Your Fibreglass pool may take center stage, but your Christmas table will be the subject of conversation too. Choosing a theme works well at a Christmas do. You can then align all your decorating ideas to match. Themes, as mentioned earlier, correspond to color at Christmas. On your table, you may have coasters fashioned as snowflakes or holly. Artificial holly in jars looks good too. You can also explore bottles with strings of battery-powered fairy lights in them. Think of battery-operated candles too.

If you want to create a vibe that is so far removed from a traditional Christmas, you can consider a beach atmosphere. A Christmas coastal theme can be produced with Santa in sunglasses and a pair of red shorts. Have flip-flops hanging everywhere with sprigs of holly attached. You can also hang towels at different spots and these could have Christmas decals on them. Shiny starfish and shells can add a beachy, yet holiday aura. Don’t forget the Christmas music for your pool party – have some happy music playing, not somber hymns. You get great floating speakers in shades of red, green and white that you can throw into your Fibreglass pool!


Hearty Christmas Food

What’s any party without food? Stick to simple and uncomplicated menu ideas. This isn’t the time to be slaving over a hot stove! Select finger foods of your choice. Here are some hassle-free options to tickle the taste buds:

  • Kebab sticks and whatever you want on skewers (cheese, bread, veggies like baby tomatoes, mushrooms and lettuce)
  • Fish (read prawn) on a stick
  • Cheese and cold-cut platters with olives and jalapeños at the side
  • Rice paper rolls filled with meat or vegetables
  • Sliders with chicken or kangaroo
  • Mini sandwiches with corn and spinach, or sausage fillings
  • Good old chips and salsa, or a hung curd and cucumber dip

Feel free to improvise on fillings for any of these, and consider vegan and veggie options if you know you are inviting preferential eaters.

Don’t Forget Drinks and Dessert!

After energetic activity in your Fibreglass pool, you will have a hungry and thirsty hoard of guests! Drinks can be soft drinks and milkshakes for the children. You can have beer for adults, but take care of the glass bottles – cans are better. You can mix drinks for interesting mocktails like ginger ale and lemonade. Desserts should be kept dry – think of Christmas fruit cakes and small chocolate tarts. Add green or red icing for a Christmas touch. Cupcakes are also an option.

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