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Tips To Child-Proofing Your Swimming Pool At Home

As fun as a swimming pool can be for a family, it is of course important that we recognize the risks which exist. Slips, trips, and falls are made far more likely with the presence of water and if you have kids this is certainly an area for concern. We want our kids to be able to enjoy the swimming pool safely of course and that is why it is critical that you include features in the pool design which are aimed at child-proofing the area. High-level companies like Mr Pools will already have ideas for you in this regard, and these are the main areas which they will look at when designing a child-safe pool. 

Create a Solid Fence

The first step is to ensure that you have a fence around the pool which kids are not able to get over. In light of a child’s incredible ability to get over obstacles, which we put in their way, it will also be important that you continuously monitor the quality and the height of the fence as your children grow.

Keep it safe and fun

Not all the kids know how to swim and sometimes during the play they forgot about that.

For having a cool and safe pool party it is important to consider this situation and fill the pool with floats. If you have a special occasion and unique theme for the party you can use custom pool floats which will not only keep kids safe but also make the party fun and memorable for your little ones.

Basic Housekeeping

Sadly one of the main reasons why kids run into trouble around the pool area comes down to poor housekeeping. Leaving toys and items around the pool, not picking up fallen foliage, and failing to clean up big spillages can pose a lot of danger. Make sure that everyone in the family understands the need for cleaning up after themselves. 

Keeping Plants Far From The Edge

Plants look great when they are placed around the pool but you should always ensure that they are a good couple of meters back from the edge of the water. The last thing you want is a kid pulling on a plant to try and get out of the pool, and for the whole thing to fall on them. 

Child-Proofing Your Swimming2

Adding Barriers

Most very young children end up attracted to the pool because it looks fun, which is why it is important to do all you can to prevent them from getting there in the first place. Adding barriers like walls and hedgerows will discourage your young children from getting near the pool in the first place. 

Pool Alarm

A pool alarm is activated when the water is touched, and this could be a lifesaving feature if you have young kids at home. When the pool is not in use you can switch the alarm on, and that will alert you should your child find their way to the water. No matter how unlikely you think that this is, kids have a tendency to wander and the pool alarm could be the feature, which saves lives. 

And finally of course you should have basic safety features around the pool anyway, such as anti-slip tiles, drain covers, and railings for support. If you have young kids then make sure that you go over the top to keep them safe in and around the pool area. 

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