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How To Properly Clean And Take Care Of Your Pool

A Sparkling Pool Is The Best Place To Chillout On Hot Summer Afternoons

For most people, the idea of having a pool on their property in the backyard is very glamorous. A beautifully laid out pool can bring a plethora of opportunities to host parties, adopt swimming-related fitness activities, spend summer afternoons lounging alongside it and take a dip when your heart desires. However, without regular maintenance, these beautiful daydreams can turn into murky nightmares as your pool will be full of green grub and bacteria in no time. 

Below are easy-to-follow pool maintenance tips that you can try right away.

Skimming And Scrubbing

When you have leaves and other debris floating on the surface of the water, then you will need to skim them off. While this seems to be a no-brainer, the tip here is that you have to repeat it regularly. If you want your pool to be pristinely clear then you have to do it daily. For those with time constraints, you can invest in a robot vacuum that can clean the bottom of the pool. Skimming regularly can stop the build-up of different bacteria and prevent the appearance of dark coloured algae stains that occur due to it. Scrubbing on the other hand can be done weekly so that there are no growths of any kind. It will ensure that your pool bottom and sides look clean and fresh.

Keep Pool Filter Clean

Pool filters help to remove many kinds of impurities from the water. It can remove leaves, small toys, and even dirt. Start by turning off the filter, removing the filter cap, and cleaning out all the debris before replacing it back. Always keep the filer clean so it can work efficiently. Once a month, you can clean the filter pipes by backwashing. 

Maintain Consistent Chemical Levels

For pool maintenance, keeping the chemical levels in check is a very important factor. When the chemical level is imbalanced, the water in the pool will appear murky. Furthermore, due to the bacteria breeding in such waters, you can be prone to irritated skin and itchy eyes. Test the water once a week with a test kit to make sure all the chemical levels are proper. The chemicals that need to be considered are Chlorine, Cyanuric Acid, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, and Total Alkalinity. 

Shock A Cloudy Pool

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While shocking a cloudy pool usually appears to be a process that is used by commercial swimming pool owners, it can be done for a home pool as well. If your pool appears cloudy or murky, then you must try to get rid of the bacteria at the soonest. Drastically increasing the chlorine levels for a short period of time to kill bacteria is referred to as the process of ‘shocking the pool’. This is usually a good idea if you have just hosted a big pool party. That’s why it is advised to follow proper safety precautions when you swim in a pool with many people in it.  Learn the technique of properly shocking your pool. However, keep in mind that by doing it too often the pool’s siding can be damaged. 

Powerwash The Deck

Just as how important it is to keep your pool clean from inside, the area that surrounds your pool should also be cleaned properly. You can keep your pool deck clean and shining by power washing it. This will help you to get rid of any rust or weather stains that occur over time. Before you start power washing, sweep the entire deck area to remove and errant dirt, leaves, or any other items. The power washes the deck until the surface appears completely clean. 

Call In The Professionals

You can follow the basic cleaning and maintenance routine regularly by yourself. Sometimes, however, it is important to call in an expert so that you can get the mechanical parts of the pool like the pump, filters, and so on checked. You may not have the knowledge on how to check it to ensure that everything is in order and working efficiently. At least once a year call in for professional pool service providers to check your pool and all the devices connected to it. Sometimes, they can even detect a problem that you have overlooked and can prevent it from turning into an expensive repair. If you have been noticing some issues like bad smell from the water or unusual noise and so on, make a list of it all and share your concerns with the expert. 

Though your swimming pool needs a little extra effort and time from you, it will absolutely be worth it as you can have many good and enjoyable times in it. 

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