How To Prepare Your Home For A Roof Repair

Brand new roof is always a nice thing to have in your home. Apart from the aesthetics, a home obviously can’t survive and do well with a bad roof. When it’s been too long since you’ve had it repaired or replaced, then this is a project you should now be willing to face head-on.

But, here’s the catch—once the roofing company you’ve hired arrives, your home will start to become a messy and, possibly, dangerous construction work zone. Materials and debris will be all over the place, and strangers will be coming in and out to get the work started. Once you’ve decided on having your roof repaired, it’s also very important to prepare your home for such issues.

As your roof soon undergoes a much-needed repair work, here are some insightful tips you can use to prepare for the said project:

1. Remove Wall Decorations

If you have framed wall decorations, take them down. When the roofing repair work begins, it’s not out of the ordinary to notice some vibrations on the wall. This can happen because of the hammering on the roof. Especially for two-story homes, the hammering and pounding on the roof can be more evident on the top floor.

With the vibrations that happen, some of your wall decorations may fall. It’s better to have your wall frames, decorations, and mirrors removed, before these fall and get damaged.

2. Think About Your Kids And Pets

Having kids and pets at home during a home renovation project can make the situation even a lot trickier. This is even more likely when you still have toddlers who are in the napping phase. The noise coming from the roofing repair work can disrupt their morning and afternoon nap. And, as a parent, you know the drill. When your kids haven’t napped well in the morning, the nights can also be a struggle.

So, make sure you’ve also made preparations for your kids during this project. If you don’t have a white noise machine yet and you have a baby, this is now helpful to block out the outside noise. If your kids are of the running and playing age, make sure to secure blockings or tapes around the areas that are off-limits to them so they don’t run to those places, possibly stepping on sharp materials. This holds true for your pets as well.

3. Cover Or Remove Things In Your Attic

If your home has an attic, then you also need to make sure that your belongings in the attic are removed or, at least, covered securely. 

Among all the places in your home, being that your attic is what literally holds and shapes a part of your roof, it’s expected for it to also become the most affected during a renovation project. Dust and small debris will eventually fall and cover your attic, and if you have belongings, surely, you won’t want these now to be covered all in dust. 

Taking the extra step of covering those belongings or removing them from your attic would also make things easier for you also when the roof repair is done as you won’t have to be bothered by deep cleaning the entire attic. All you have to do now is wipe and vacuum the floors before taking back the things you’ve removed.

4. Move Your Cars

Moving your cars out of your parking lot and toward the far end of your property might seem like a lot of work and adjustment every day, but it’s a must for you to do. It can speed up your roofing contractor’s work as they can now take over the parking lot to park their vehicle and haul all the construction materials for the project. Your garage or parking space serves as the perfect dedicated area for all the roofing materials so they’re not all over the place.

Most importantly, scratches and dents on your car from falling debris can now be avoided when your car is out of the way.

roof repair

5. Move Outdoor Equipment And Patio Furniture Out Of The Way

If your garden space is quite small, once the roofing company starts to work on the back part of your home, then they’ll be taking over your backyard as well. As you’ve done in your attic and garage, you’ll now have to move your grill and outdoor furniture out of the way.

Doing so serves the same purpose: you need to free up some space for the roofing company to leave the materials on so they can have an organized and dedicated work area. Also, damage on your outdoor equipment and furniture can be minimized when they’re not close to sharp objects, which can cause dents and holes.


With this checklist above, you should now be feeling more confident and ready to tackle the workload that’ll go on in your home once you get started with a roof repair project. Like any other home improvement and renovation project, its success will highly depend on the preparation level you put in. The adjustments you’ll have to do may seem like a lot of work, but they’ll be worth it in the end.

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