What Are The Advantages Of Pool Deck Specialists?

A pool with a beautiful deck is what most people dream of in a house.  Many people spend a fortune on pool décor. They use the most expensive of materials to build their dock, to get the aesthetic they desire. But no matter what material you use to build your deck it will deteriorate after a while.  Firstly, to get a beautiful deck around your pool one need not spend too much money. Concrete is the viable alternative for those who desire to get the results while avoiding major expenses. Although concrete is known for its durability and strength it is prone to cracks. This means that no matter what at some point your concrete deck will show cracks, this deck cracking is inevitable. Despite the material you use to build your deck, repairs will need to be made after a certain period by experienced deck specialists like Stilus Design And Construction. Concrete pool decks are cost-efficient, low maintenance, affordable, and very easy to customize. It can also deliver the aesthetics you wish to achieve without having to spend on expensive pool decking materials. 

What Are The Causes Behind Deck Deterioration?

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Depending on the material used for building the deck the deteriorating signs will vary. For wooden decks, you might see loosened boards, molding, etc. A common deck building material is concrete. The telltale sign of damage in concrete decks is cracking. Concrete cracking is a common issue regarding pool decks. What causes these damages?

Pool deck damages are usually caused due to one of the following reasons:

  • Ground movements
  • Changes in temperature
  • Poorly mixed concrete
  • Structural settling
  • Poorly placed expansion joints

As mentioned above the causes behind deck damage varies with the material used. With decks made of stone, concrete, marble, etc. weather plays a major role in its deterioration. With temperature change, these substances undergo thermal expansion which leads to cracking in marble and concrete. Wooden decks are easily prone to rot, fading and discoloration. Even the most well-constructed deck will only last for a decade or more, after which major repairs will need to be made. To avoid huge repair costs, you might want to pay attention to regular repairs. 

What Are The Advantages Of Pool Deck Repairing?

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Low cost, high efficiency

Has your deck seen better days? Is it filled with cracks, discoloration, rot, and stains? Well, why wait for the situation to worsen. Tackling repairs at the earliest will help you avoid major expenses in the future. Also, with the summer season upon you, this might just be the best time to get your deck in working order. 

Skid resistance

If you have a concrete pool deck, peelers and cracks are an inevitable occurrence but not repairing them in time will compromise the sealers and paint used on the deck. This will not only affect the coating of your pool deck but also your safety. Sealers and paints are what provide traction on the deck surface, hence eliminating skids and slips. 

Heat deflection

Sealers and paints also help in heat deflection in concrete pools. It is seen that without proper paints and sealers your deck can be up to 30 degrees hotter, this will ultimately lead to burnt feet and slips and falls.


Smaller repairs are far more affordable than having to entirely change your deck. If you avoid these repairs periodically it will lead to bigger damage. Which in turn means having to spend a lot more money.


Performing regular maintenance on your pool deck will not only increase the longevity of the deck but will also make it stronger. Repairing the weak points of your deck will make your slabs and concrete durable.

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