Best Dinnerware Sets of 2021



When you are shopping for dinnerware you want to find the best set that you possibly can. The best dinnerware set will be the perfect blend of functional and elegant. You need your dinnerware set to include pieces that are sturdy enough to stand up to the daily abuse your family is going to show it, but you also want it to look nice enough that you are not embarrassed to have company over for dinner.

The Top Dinnerware Sets On The Market

Remember when you are shopping for dinnerware you want a set that will stand up to the everyday use that it will have to endure, but you also want it to look nice enough that you can proudly pull it out for a fancy dinner party.  These are some of the best dinnerware sets you can find…


  • Safdie & Co. Dinnerware Set

This dinnerware set features porcelain plates with a design that makes them appear to be made of white marble. These plates look great when you have company but the fact that they are made of porcelain means they may be fragile. These plates are lightweight and may not stand up very well to be used every day.

  • Gibson Soho Lounge Dinnerware Set

This dinnerware set features square-shaped plates and bowls. This can be an interesting style choice and the set is available in a few different colors. The plates are sturdy and do stand up well to everyday use. This dinnerware set is simple and might be a good choice for someone who is moving out to live on their own for the first time. This set will not work well for entertaining. 

  • Wayfair Basics Porcelain Dinnerware Set

There is a reason Wayfair calls this their Basic Porcelain set. The whole set is just plain white porcelain and being porcelain means that this service set may prove to be too fragile to stand up to being used and washed every day. This could possibly be a good set for someone just starting that doesn’t plan to eat at home much and just wants something other than paper plates to use when they order a pizza. 


  • Fable Home Dinnerware Set

The Fable Home set includes plates that are made by hand in Portugal. Each piece of this dinnerware set was individually finished by hand before being fired. Fable then inspects every piece, before selling it, to make sure it reaches their high standards. This set of plates will look fantastic at your next dinner party and are also very sturdy and can easily stand up to being used and washed daily for many years to come. Fable has done a good job of finding the balance between practicality and luxury.

You Never Have to be Ashamed of Having Mismatched Dinnerware Again

Once you find a dinnerware set that can not only stand up to the abuse your family will put it through every day but also looks nice enough that you will feel proud to use it when you have company over for a meal, that is the set you should buy. As soon as you find it go ahead and make the purchase. 

You will be full of regret if you wait and then are unable to find that exact dinnerware set again. Once your new matching set of plates and bowls have arrived you will finally be able to have a dinner party and not have to be embarrassed by your dinnerware set. You will be excited to have family and friends over so you can show off your new dining ware set.

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