6 Reasons You Should Install A Pool Heater


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The best part of the summer is that first dive into the pool. However, when summer comes to an end, and temperatures fall too low to swim comfortably, a pool can go unused for months. Why let something everyone loves so much go to waste? Instead, here are some reasons you should consider installing a pool heater, so you can enjoy more of your pool.

1. Get More Use Out Of Your Pool

Pools are an expensive investment. Even if you moved into a home that already had a pool installed, it’s likely you paid a higher price for the luxury. Why let it go to waste for most of the year? With a pool heater, you can control the water temperature to keep your pool comfortable enough to extend the swimming season. Pools are meant to be enjoyed as much as possible. Why not warm up the water and use it for as long as possible?

2. Enjoy More Time With The Family

Swimming has a way of bringing people together. Whether you are an experienced swimmer or a baby who enjoys splashing the surface of the water, the swimming pool calls everyone.  On hot days, when no one is motivated to go outside, it’s your answer when the family says, “It’s too hot. I’m bored, what can we do?” To keep your family entertained and connected, you can spend time together in the pool, even if outside temps don’t favor swimming season anymore.

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3. It’s A Low Maintenance Add-On

Pool heaters are durable and don’t require a lot of attention. You need to keep it free of debris and perform an annual inspection. For a water heater repair in Mississauga, you can keep your pool heater in top shape with regular maintenance and avoid any major repairs. Even if you discover your heater isn’t operating properly, most issues are easy to fix and get you back in the water in no time.

4. They Are Inexpensive To Operate

Any time you add a new feature to your home, there is always the question: “how much is this going to cost me?” Each unit and personal usage bring in a lot of variables. Taking these into consideration makes it a tough question to answer. But, once you have installed the pool heater, they are actually not that expensive to operate. And remember, you only use them when you need to warm the water. When the sun can do it for you, there is no need to run the heater.

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5. It’s A Fun Way To Stay Healthy

Swimming is one of the most well rounded physical activities you can take part in. It is low impact, high cardiovascular, and easy on the joints. And it’s fun! If you are looking for a great way to stay healthy, you can’t go wrong with swimming. The only problem is, unless you have access to an indoor pool, it has its seasonal limitations. Your pool heater will help you with your fitness goals as you are able to get more out of swimming and boost your health.

6. It’s An Attractive Feature When You Sell

As much as you will enjoy having a pool heater, a potential home buyer will love that your home comes with this feature. Knowing they will reap the same benefits you have, the pool heater becomes more attractive than a comparable home without one. A realtor can let you know if the pool heater will increase your home’s resale value in any way.

What Can You Expect From Your Pool Heater?

Most homes are equipped with either an electric or gas pool heater. Both get the job done by regulating the temperature of the water, but they go about it in different ways.

  • Electric: Air circulates through an outer evaporator coil, which combines with a refrigerant. The refrigerant extracts heat from the air and transforms it into a gas. The gas is passed through a compressor, where it is heated up. This heat is transferred to the water. This process can take several days.
  • Gas: Gas burns in a combustion chamber. Cold water runs through the chamber and is heated, then transferred to the pool. This process can warm your pool in a few hours.

Other than their functionality, one of the best things about pool heaters is their versatility. You can install one no matter what kind of pool you own. They are great for warming up both in-ground pools and above-ground pools, too. No matter what kind of pool set up you have, there are options for you to extend your swimming season.

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