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4 Reasons so Many People are Installing Solar Pool Heaters

The cost of purchasing a new pool heater can burn a hole in many pool owners’ wallets. Not only is the initial fee for the device expensive, but the running cost can also cost a pretty penny. It’s not surprising that so many pool owners are searching for a more efficient way of heating their pools. 

Solar pool heaters have been growing in popularity in recent years, and most pool owners are delighted they have invested in these environmentally-friendly heating devices. A lot of swimmers don’t spend a lot of time swimming or relaxing in a cold pool, so installing a heater can help them extend the amount of time they stay in the water. Swimming is a great exercise that many people do on a regular basis to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but finding the motivation to jump into a cold pool is often challenging. By using a heater to keep the temperature of the pool warm, pool owners can look forward to diving into their pools, even during the colder months. 

1. Solar Pool Heaters are Environmentally Friendly

Scientists and world leaders around the globe have been warning us for several years about the impact of global warming and climate change. To do our bit, homeowners are advised to recycle and invest in energy efficient products to help reduce their carbon footprint. A lot of people have been investing in solar panels and other products that rely on solar energy in recent times, and solar pool heaters have been growing in popularity. 

Pool heaters that don’t use solar energy can consume a lot of electricity, gas, or oil. Solar pool heaters don’t rely on natural resources like these that are known to produce harmful emissions. Instead, they use a clean form of energy to heat swimming pools. Plenty of pool owners who are concerned about the planet go the extra mile by investing in solar blankets too. People like to put these energy efficient blankets over their pools at night time, to help the pool store heat. Without these blankets, the heater will have to work extra hard to heat the pool. 

2. Very Little Maintenance

Pool owners often face a lot of challenges when trying to maintain their pools. Making sure the right amount of chlorine, salt, and other chemicals can cause a lot of headaches, and making sure that it is cleaned on a regular basis takes a lot of time, especially if the pool is installed outdoors. 

Installing a pool heater that requires a lot of maintenance is not ideal for most people, which is one of the reasons lots of folks have been investing in solar energy pool heaters. To maintain these devices, you have to do very little. 

3. Reduce the Cost of Running a Pool

Running a swimming pool can cost a lot of cash. The ongoing cost of running a pool filter, having to constantly invest in chemicals and tools to help you maintain the pool’s cleanliness can add up. So for most, running a solar pool heater is a no-brainer. 

Most traditional pool heaters rarely last longer than 20 years, however, solar panel heaters seem to have a longer lifespan. Some manufacturers reckon their solar pool heaters will last around 30 years. Because they are growing in popularity, the prices of these devices seem to have dropped over the last few years, and pool owners are able to purchase top-notch solar pool heaters for less than $300. 

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4. They Look and Sound Good

When solar pool heaters first entered the market, a lot of them didn’t look great. Those who own pools don’t want to have a big, ugly solar heater mounted on their property. There are lots of different solar heaters to choose from, so you are bound to find one that looks good near your pool.

A lot of heaters that are not solar powered make a lot of noise, which is the last thing you want to hear when you are going for a peaceful swim after a hard day’s work. Most solar pool heaters are silent, so you can easily have a nice, relaxing swim without having to hear the sound of a noisy heater.  


Although most solar pool heaters are easily installed, it might be worthwhile speaking to a pool professional for advice first. A person who installs and maintains swimming pools for a living will know the type of heater that will work well with your pool. 

Before purchasing a pool heater, doing a little market research is advised. Pool owners often help each other, and there are plenty of online forums and websites that allow pool owners to discuss the different challenges they face when it comes to maintaining pools and which pool equipment works best. Consider reading both negative and positive reviews published online about the different solar pool heaters available. 

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