The Top 3 Ways to Get the Best Pressure Washers for Driveways

Slowly but steadily, pressure washers are beginning to be a part of almost every home out there. Also known as power washers to some people, one can easily use them to do both simple and difficult household activities in general. You can be sure of that fact. Available in a wide array of different sizes, models and shapes, one can determine their applicability by a quick Internet search as well as trusted word-of-mouth recommendations.

Keeping the above factors in mind, one can be sure that whether it comes to pressure washing in Newcastle,  the aspect of applicability is paramount in a lot of cases out there. For instance, if you get a hold of a unit with a high level of pressure, difficult cleaning jobs will become a lot easier to tackle and all the grime and stuck dirt will be washed away relatively easier.

When it comes to your driveway, a lot of people tend to neglect the importance of keeping it as clean as possible, which is most certainly not a mistake that you should make. If you are looking to improve its appeal in general, you need to select the right pressure washer for the job, or get dry ice blasting right away if you want to save your elbow grease for other important tasks. Having said that, here are the top three ways to get the best one out there:-

The twin aspects of water flow rate and pressure:

Two important factors that most people fail to take into consideration are the aspects of PSI (Pounds per square inch) and GPM (Gallons per minute). This is in spite of the fact that different tasks will require varied levels of pressure. While GSM is an indication of how fast the job will be completed, the PSI is a basic expression for the water pressure.

If there is a lot of cleaning to be done with regard to your driveway, it pretty much goes without saying that a pressure washer with a high GPM and PSI for an extra level of pressure and power to get the job done thoroughly. If there is not that much cleaning to be done in the first place, then one does not need to worry all that much about these aspects.

An electric or gas pressure washer:

An electric or gas pressure washer

For all those of you who are still wondering, there are two types of pressure washers – electric and gas pressure washer. However, in a lot of cases, the gas machine will get the job done in a relatively quick amount of time. After all, since the gas machine tend to operate at a level of 6-7 horsepower, making them the ideal option for a host of hard-cleaning jobs out there.

However, since electric machines use less pressure, there are a lot more ideal for light cleaning jobs around the house. Plus, they tend to make less noise as compared to their gasoline counterparts and are more affordable as well. Then again, it all depends on your priorities and needs for the task you have at hand.

Focus on certain key pressure washers parts:

Focus on certain key pressure washers parts

There are three main parts to focus on – the type of pump, nozzle and hose. Let’s take a good look at all three of them individually:-

Hose: The length of the hose is important as if you have a heavy pressure washer, a longer hose will make things a lot easier to ensure that portability does not become a problem.

Nozzle: In this regard, the aspect of pressure is paramount. For the most stubborn and hard-crusted dirt patches and stains, you certainly require extreme high-pressure nozzles

Type of pump: There are two types of pumps to keep in mind – triplex pumps and axial cam pumps. The former option is basically for heavy-duty application making it ideal for driveway cleaning and the latter is more common in basic household activities since they have medium-duty application and run directly from the motor itself.

Finally, going by the above list, it should be pretty clear to most people out there what aspects need to be prioritised and other things that need to be taken into consideration in general. Some of those include, the price, pressure as well as the water flow rate.

The type of pressure washer is the most obvious one out there, but people should be careful to do their research on which of those actually work the best for their home instead of blindly following popular trends. Not only will you save a great deal of money and time in the process, but you will avoid making a hasty decision that could very well lead you to get the wrong pressure washer.

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