How to Choose a House Plan that Works

House plans are a fun part of homebuilding. Reviewing the pros and cons of various home styles and ultimately picking a house plan is one of the most exciting parts of being your own builder. It can also be daunting. Everyone loves a great looking house. And while home floor plans are plentiful, getting good looks, functionality, and economy of construction to work together can sometimes be challenging.

And let’s face it; curb appeal is a big deal. We all want an attractive home. More importantly, perhaps, a beautiful house equals less time on the market and maybe a higher sale price if we find ourselves needing to sell.

It’s All In The Details

Architectural details that add charm and presence to a home’s curb appeal, tend to get expensive quickly (dramatic roof-lines can be extraordinarily expensive). The trick is to come up with a home design that achieves good looks and functions well, without breaking the bank on decorative items.
It’s All In The Details

It can be done. It’s usually accomplished by sticking with classic lines and maybe an accent or two.

This, coupled with a lovely landscape design, is a great cost-effective approach to satisfying various requirements.

Draw Your Own?

It can be done. It’s usually accomplished by sticking with classic lines and maybe an accent or two. Of course, you need all the tools required.

Many people like to draw their own initial plans since they have pretty strong ideas about what they want. Sometimes they start from scratch; other times, they’ll find something they like and use it as a starting point or ‘inspiration plan.’
Draw Your Own
This is fine. Just be careful of unintended consequences. You can have a dramatic first floor, for instance, only to find out it inadvertently shreds the second floor.


How will the front elevation look? How will the dimensions affect the cost? Will it make efficient use of materials? How is livability?

‘Livability,’ is the floor-plan’s contribution to the ease of everyday living. Does it have enough closet space? Is there enough room at the entry areas, so you’re not cramped while you take off your shoes and coats? Does the laundry area make sense? Is the garage big enough for two cars that aren’t subcompacts?

Be careful that the plan you choose has the necessary livability elements and is not just an architect expressing himself.

Large home-builders do very well here. They are continually designing new house plans to reflect the latest style and trends, and ‘value engineer’ every design for maximum space efficiency and minimum cost-to-build.
House plans require a series of choices and compromises. The homes with the most attractive price points in a subdivision typically make concessions in areas that might not show up at first glance. A 19′ x 20′ garage, for instance, doesn’t affect ‘heated square footage,’ and shows as a two-car garage on a spec sheet, but in reality, it’s pretty small, and you’ll probably end up leaving one car in the driveway.

Final Words

More than a few house plans look terrific in a catalog, but upon closer inspection, come up a little short in the practicality department and cost too much to build.

If you have the perfect plan from the start, it will be much easier to add things to your home. You’re better off struggling to find the ideal plan than to have problems in the future.

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