5 Things To Consider Before Before Constructing a Home Extension

Your home is your castle and sometimes you want to make that castle a little bit bigger. The best way to do that is by adding a home extension. With a home extension, you can expand the house and often make it look better. A good home extension can transform a home into something new and exciting.

If a home extension is a great investment that can be well worth the time and money. That being said do not immediately go out and hire a renovation builder and get it built without properly planning the project. Here are 5 things to consider before constructing a new home extension.

1. Pricing

Price matters and before you do anything you need to set a budget. A budget is going to pivotal in deciding what type of home extension you can afford. Whether it be the quality of the extension or the sheer size of it, the price is going to affect all of it. Set a budget and then work from there on how you want to proceed.

When creating a budget there many things to consider. From material costs, labor costs, and even paperwork costs, there is a multitude of line items that need to be factored into the final budget. You do not want to be surprised when these costs arise. Do the research and now what you are getting into while you prepare a budget.

Once a budget is set the next thing to do is allocate that budget. To do this, you must find different estimates from different contractors. While pricing is important when deciding the right contractor do not let that be the sole factor in the decision. A quality contractor goes a long way regardless of the price.

Speaking of quality, sometimes it is best to invest in higher quality materials even if that sacrifices the size of the extension. Price is important, but you may very well end up paying more in the long run in maintenance costs if the extension is built out of cheap materials. Make sure you build a home extension that is built to last.

2. Contractor


The contractor is going to be doing the bulk of the work assuming you do not have a construction background, so hiring the right guy for the job is incredibly important. There many things to consider when hiring a contractor so here are a few.

Reputation is a factor that needs to be checked before dealing with a contractor. A highly reputable contractor with good reviews is almost always a safe bet. That being said make sure you carefully read the written reviews to get a clear picture of the type of contractor that you will be working with.

Estimates should be asked before signing anything. Go around and make sure you are not getting ripped off by a contractor who is quoting you at an absurd rate. Make sure you are getting a good price for the job. This does not mean that you should go for the cheapest price as that may sacrifice quality.

A knowledgeable and experienced contractor is a good contractor. A contractor that knows what they are doing can provide quality service and assistance throughout the entire process. They will be able to guide through the planning process and into the building process making sure you get what you want. Always vet your contractor before hiring.

3. Design

A great home deserves a great home extension. A beautiful home extension starts with a well thought out design. You generally want something that fits within the design of your main home, but adding something unique is not unheard of. Regardless, design matters so make sure you properly design an extension that you can proud of.

Whether it be a new bathroom or bedroom the design of the new home extension can be considered as one of the most fun things in the entire process. So enjoy the process and be creative. Look at various different designs and search for inspiration to truly find the perfect design for your new home extension.

4. Value

Your home is an asset and you want that asset to grow and become more valuable. When building a home extension it is good to know that it can be a solid return on investment that adds value to the home. A properly planned out home extension can pay for itself and then some if executed right.
The value-added will be dependent on the type of extension you wish to add. An extra bedroom can add up to $50,000 while an extra bathroom can add up to $20,000. A good home extension is a good investment. Make sure to factor that in when designing and planning your next home extension.

5. Legality

There are a lot of rules and regulations for every local area and you need to make sure that you are properly following those restrictions. This can come in many different shapes and sizes. From making sure to do the proper paperwork when constructing the home extension to following residential building laws.

You do not want to be slapped with legal fines or have to stop building halfway through. A good contractor should be able to walk you through the legal process and make sure you are not violating any laws, but it is always good to check your local residential building codes. Be smart in the planning of your home extension.

Home is Where the Heart Is

A home extension makes that heart a little bit bigger and can do so much for the home. It can bring new life into it and new value-added to it. Do not underestimate the power of a home extension. A home extension is a great decision for any homeowner, but it can be a perilous process if you are ill-informed and not properly prepared.
Home is Where the Heart Is
Your home extension is something you should enjoy from start to finish. With these simple considerations, you can do just that. A home extension is a great thing to add to any house so start planning yours today.

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