What You Need to Know About House Painting

If you think you know enough about painting, you better think twice. Read, research, watch videos, and practice your skills on a smaller relatively insignificant wall in your home. The tendency of committing and painting your major walls without proper knowledge and skills can be very costly and time-consuming. Learning prior to doing the paint job yourself is very important especially if you are on a tight budget.

Messy Paint Job Means Messy Home

Planning to get your home a fresh and reviving look is not easy if you are thinking of painting its interior and exterior walls. The painting itself is ideally easy but wait until you see how messy it can be. You will surely regret doing it. A messy paint job definitely means a messy home and rather than distressing, you will end up strained. The worst is that you can end up staining your furniture, your ceiling, doors, or floor. Removing them is not impossible but it is not easy as well.

Protecting your stuff from getting paint stains is important. Having a spacious lawn or a garden can be very helpful. Most paint experts recommend transferring furniture, paintings, wall fixtures, and appliances outside. It is practically the safest way so you can avoid staining your things at home. If your real estate is limited to a small humble space, make sure to cover everything with big sheets of plastics or a drop cloth. Secure them with tape and keep them sealed for the time being.

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Wearing Protective Gear Is a Must in House Painting!

Paint materials can be hazardous to your health. The usual paints contain volatile organic compounds or commonly called VOCs. Xylene and toluene are two VOCs that are commonly found in paints. Other fortifiers with metallic pigments are hazardous as well and must be disposed of or stored properly.

Protecting yourself from the compounds that can be found in the paint is important. Remember that these harmful chemicals can be airborne. Wear an N95 mask or use a higher quality industrial mask to protect your lungs from inhaling substances and avoid getting them into your system. Industrial masks with proper filtering systems help you breathe easily and at the same time filters the air that you breathe to effectively eliminate hazardous components from the air and keep them from getting in.

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What to Avoid in Painting Your Home

Cheap applicators can never go well even if you purchase the best paint brands. Excellent quality brushes and rollers allow an efficient application with your paint. Despite having quality paint, cheap applicators can only absorb the paint without efficiently spreading it on the surface of your wall. There is a utility effectiveness score for rollers and quality applicators score 8 to 9 out of 10 while cheap applicators only score within the 5 to7 range.

If you ask an expert painter, you will most likely be told to hire a painting company for you. It helps a lot especially if you really have a busy schedule or on a tight budget. Remember that hiring someone who knows the job is cheaper than doing it yourself.

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