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Top 4 Natural Remedies That Can Get Rid of Mold Fast

Top 4 Natural Remedies That Can Get Rid of Mold Fast

Mold can grow everywhere, especially in dark and moist places. You may not know it, but there may be some mold hiding in places where you usually don’t see. One easy way to spot molds is to look for places that are in constant contact with water. That said, they may be hiding in your bathroom, kitchen, or basement. When a mold’s growing conditions are met, it can grow as fast as 24-48 hours.

Because of this, you may want to clean your home regularly and consistently to avoid having a mold outbreak. Keep in mind that molds are harmful to your respiratory system if left unchecked. It may even trigger some allergies that can last a year long. To avoid these from happening, once you see a patch of mold, clean it thoroughly, and search the whole place.

But with a lot of chemical solutions in the market that are supposedly effective in removing molds, they may do more harm than good. This is because many of the mold cleaning products contain chemicals that can be harmful to your health. For all we know, they might even hurt your pets. That said, it is better to get rid of the molds using all-natural alternatives. Here are some of them.


Vinegar might drive you away because of its scent, but know that you can dilute it with water to remove it. It works best when you spray it straight in the area with molds directly from the bottle. You can then leave it unattended for a few hours, and then you can scrub them right away.

If the smell still bothers you after diluting it with water, you can add a few drops of essential oils. However, this shouldn’t bother you as leaving the sprayed vinegar for a few hours will remove the pungent smell. After scrubbing the vinegar-sprayed mold, you can also add a layer of vinegar by spraying it directly in the offending area to prevent molds from reappearing.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a mineral powder that is effective in killing molds while at the same time, poses no threat to your family and pets at home. To use it properly, first, mix a tablespoon of baking soda and water, and put it in a bottle spray. Keep in mind that you have to shake the solution until all baking soda is dissolved thoroughly.

After that, spray the moldy area with the solution and scrub it all off. The solution makes it easier for the mold to scrub and wash away. After the area has dried up, you can add a layer of the solution to the area and dry it. This will kill off any remaining mold and will prevent it from reappearing again.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is an all-natural mold remover, and it is safe to use in the house without harming anyone. Not only is it a mold remover, but it is also antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral.

To use the solution effectively, you can mix 3% hydrogen peroxide and two parts of water inside a spray bottle. However, if you aren’t fond of using the spray bottle, you can soak a towel and wipe the mold directly on the surface. Leave if for at least 10 minutes, and you will be able to scrub the mold away along with the solution.

Lemon Juice

Yes, lemon juice. It is entirely unheard of that lemon juice can remove molds, but in reality, it is also an effective alternative to removing patches of them. However, lemon juice is not as strong as the other alternatives on the list, but it is still effective nonetheless.

However, one advantage of lemon juice is that it is more commonly found in the kitchen. Not only that, but lemon juice has the best scent among the other alternatives. To use it effectively, get three to five fresh lemons, and squeeze them to get the juice. You can then pour the juice over the affected area and let it sit for at least five minutes. After that, you can then wipe away the solution and start scrubbing the mold off.
Lemon Juice
To use it more effectively, you can mix in some dishwashing soap or any cleaning mixture and a little bit of water you have on hand. Pour it over the affected area. The mixture of cleaning soap will add extra heft to the mold, making it easier to scrub away with a brush.


Cleaning mold shouldn’t be too bothersome and dangerous. Thus, using alternative solutions rather than the chemical one is a much better option. You won’t have to spend more on buying these products since the alternatives are commonly found in the kitchen.

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