The Importance of Decluttering Before Redecorating Your Home

Redecorating around the house can be fun and exciting, as well as stressful and nerve-wracking to some extent. After all, decorating a space is a never-ending process – which leads people to redecorating. Why? Because that bedroom or dining room is never truly complete and finished.

Picture this: over the years you rearrange the couches and coffee table in your living room for a change.

Throughout years (and even months) home trends go in and out of style. So you try to follow the rustic farmhouse look you see everywhere, only to switch it up to a modern farmhouse later on. You make a few changes by swapping out a vase or wall decor, or even just sort of adding in those new elements to the old. Sooner or later, you have too much going on and literally too much stuff. In comes today’s topic: decluttering.

Why is it important to declutter before you start redecorating? Because by doing so you are allowing yourself to start with a clean slate. It allows you to see the sole things you are working with. If you keep piling on accent rugs, picture frames, throws, and furniture of all a different theme or design, you will continue to be dissatisfied. It will lead you to be further from the space you have envisioned in your mind.
Redecorating Your Home

The key here is to take away the old before adding in the new.

Everyone has some clutter in their home. Whether it be in your basement, that extra guest room that somehow turned into a closet full of extra… well, everything – clutter is a universal thing. It’s important to understand that in order to have a successful space, decluttering is key.

By sorting through your things, you are able to realize your true needs in terms of space and functionality. Who isn’t guilty of holding on to something because it was a gift or they got it on clearance? Be realistic and start organizing items into three piles: keep, donate, and toss. Only keep what you know you can make use of.

Donate items to your local thrift store that are still in good shape and toss out things that are either in poor condition or no longer useful to anyone.

If you declutter a pantry, you may realize you have more storage units and have no need to buy anymore. The opposite may happen where you realize that you could really benefit from having shelves installed and using baskets to organize items.

Many people wind up with nightstands full of junk and decluttering allows them to realize a small lamp would be convenient to have instead of extra coins, books, and keychains from long ago travels.

Decluttering also allows for a more tranquil and calm space. The saying “less is more” is truly a valid one in this case. Gallery walls are very trendy these days, but do not overdo it. Sometimes but getting rid of extra vases or artwork around your house can make you more relaxed.
Redecorating Your Home
The eye does not have to soak in and make sense of too much. Anything at home that isn’t being used or valued any longer falls under the category of clutter, so simply get rid of it.

Once you declutter, your space and overall home is able to have a more cohesive feel to it. Too many random knick knacks can break the cohesiveness of a room. They do not go with the flow, but instead literally end it. Do not be afraid of empty spaces. Getting rid of things that no longer serve you will allow the true beauty of your space to start shining through.

It is very important to declutter before the redecorating process on one space or overall home begins. Decluttering allows for recognized needs that lead to a more cohesive, calm, and happy space.

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