Why Invest In Exterior Design?

Like most people, it’s highly likely that you’ve spent most of your year so far in the comfort of your home, much more than usual. This is due to lockdown restrictions amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which only allowed us to leave our homes to exercise once a day or for essential work from the end of March to the middle of May. As of the 15th of June, lockdown restrictions have significantly changed. It is now people to leave the house as much as you wish, to meet up with groups of no more than six, and return to work if you cannot work from home. All-non essential stores are also now permitted to open, additionally to selected tourist attractions such as zoo’s.

As tedious having to stay at home may have seemed, there have undoubtedly been benefits of switching off from the world for a couple of months. These include building stronger bonds with your family or housemates, saving money, or finding a new hobby. Many people have also realised that there may be time for change with their homes.

Staring at the same design daily can leave you bursting with ideas for reinventing the aesthetics of your home, With money you may have saved and a desire for change, have you considered professional exterior design for your home? Besides wanting a change in aesthetics, there are various other beneficial reasons for changing the appearance of your property. This blog covers the various reasons why it may be of benefit to you to invest in exterior design.

Failed DIY Exterior Design

Failed DIY Exterior Design

If staying at home made you realise you’re unhappy with the current exterior design of your home, you may have attempted to complete your own exterior design work yourself. This may have been successful, however, on the other hand, it could have turned out to be disastrous. DIY exterior design may also have not been applied properly, meaning it could quickly become damaged or weathered. If you have attempted DIY exterior design, it may be best practice to get in touch with a professional painting and decorating company who will be able to ensure the coatings are durable and have incredible aesthetics.


Weathering is an issue that will eventually affect the aesthetics of exterior design for all properties. On period and heritage properties, this is a more significant issues. Weathering on paint on older properties has the potential to cause damage to the property itself, not just its aesthetics, which can be highly problematic. If your property has evidently become weathered, then it may be time to invest in professional exterior design services. Not only will this protect your property from damage, but it will also provide your property with incredible, long lasting aesthetics.


Fed up the same textured design or brickwork of your property? Rendering is an incredible way of transforming the exterior of your property and applying any colour that you choose. Not only does rendering provide a stunning finish, but it also is fantastic for protecting your property from harsh weathering. If rendering is the option you’re looking for, it is vital that it is performed by professionals as it is a complex process that needs to be finished to perfection. Poor rendering can lead to property damage and poor aesthetics. If rendering is the option you are choosing, then it is best practice to rely on a professional company that you can trust. It is also important that you spend efficient money on a trusted company and ensure that your property will be suitable to be rendered.

Live Up To Your Surroundings

If properties around your own have recently had exterior painting and decorating services, it could easily tarnish the appearance of your home. Even if there were no apparent faults or clearly visible imperfections with your property, newly decorated properties around yours could make any imperfections with your exterior design become much more prominent. This may not be of any bother to you, however, if you wish to fit in with the incredible aesthetics of the homes surrounding you, then exterior painting and decorating may be worth consideration.
Live Up To Your Surroundings
A fantastic example of exterior design coming together and looking incredible is the colourful houses of Clifton in Bristol, UK. Each of these homes is painted in a bright colour and lights up the skyline of the stunning south-west of England city. In no way are we recommending the extreme of a bright colour; whatever colour you choose to paint your property is entirely down to your personal preference.

Reduce Stress

Coming home daily to a property that does satisfy you aesthetically is bound to be stressful, especially if you are self-conscious of what people may think about your property. This stress can be made worse if living in a busier area where people consistently go-by your house daily. By improving your home’s exterior design with painting and decorating, it can easily reduce your stress levels and make you feel more confident in the space of your home.

Becoming More Inviting To Customers

Many people across the UK work at home and occasionally or consistently have customers enter their homes. This could be as you may have a room converted to a salon, a store, a workshop, or much more. Exterior painting and decorating is a fantastic way to create a more inviting environment for your home and place of work. As exterior painting and decorating is creative, you can choose to have the colour of your home in the same colourway as your business, which will then be memorable for new or existing customers.

Exterior Painting and Decorating Bristol

Exterior Painting and Decorating Bristol
When looking for exterior design, it is of paramount importance to choose a professional and reliable painting and decorating company that you can trust will leave a long lasting and aesthetically satisfying finish. Church Stewart offers stunning exterior painting and decorating in Bristol for domestic and commercial properties. This blog was written by BD, who is the content writer for Church Stewart. BD has a growing passion for writing unique content about a multitude of different industries.

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